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6d’s CRBT is a highly customizable solution based on the market requirement that allows an Operator to reduce time to market and enhance revenue. The solution also has Content Uploading Platform, Subscription Engine, and Recommendation Engine and Customer Care module that can be integrated seamlessly with the Operator Network. The solution complies with the latest telecom standards in terms of protocol connectivity to the operators’ core network and billing. CRBT offers inbuilt profile based Recommendation Engine based on the subscriber demography, genre and buying behaviour, and recommends the right tone and offer to the right customer. This in turn helps to increase retention and reduce subscriber churn. The Business Analytics tools enable to provide any type of customisable reports based on the Operator and Business needs.

CRBT Service Catalogue has both static and dynamic content that includes:

  • Songs
  • Live Scores
  • Prayers
  • Poems
  • Joke
  • Status RBT
  • Recording your Own Tone
  • Corporate RBT
  • Ad- RBT
  • Name Tunes, and so on.

CRBT solution incorporates a highly capable content management system that allows various content providers to upload, edit, and manage their content quickly and easily. The highly flexible CRBT Subscription module supports all types of Micro charging, Step charging and Dynamic charging. The system has an in-house built IVR solution that can be changed using drag and drop feature, thus saving time to launch dynamic categories based on events and festivals.

6d’s Interactive platform supports multi-channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR, Web, Mobile Portal, and Mobile Application. The solution allows subscribers to search, browse based on the category, subscribe, share, and manage on the go, facilitating ease of access.

CRBT solution has been deployed across various Middle East, Asia and Oceania operators helping them to enhance customer satisfaction by providing value for money, ease of use and personalized Offers and Tones. 6d’s business management with its extensive expertise makes sure to implement the best practices enabling revenue enhancement and subscriber growth.

6d’s highly capable team aids in the smooth transition of the conventional RBT to its innovative and advanced capabilities system. The team has already migrated and deployed the solution within a span of 3 months enhancing the revenue of one of its clientele by more than 70% using targeted campaigns through profile based recommendation engine.

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