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Automation in sales and channel operations is one of the key transformation initiatives being undertaken by CSPs around the world. Ventas is an AI-powered sales and distribution platform that combines key functions such as distributor management, inventory management, point-of-sale, geo-business visibility, commission management, sales force management and knowledge management. The telecom sales and distribution platform is based on a cloud-native architecture and consists of a set of microservices that provide feature-level scalability, flexibility in feature development, and easy integration with the telecom operator’s existing application landscape.

Igniting Operational Efficiencies with Sales and Distribution Platforms

Creating Value with Success Stories


Reduced Logistics Costs


Increased Sales Efficiency


Decreased Order to Cash Cycle


Accuracy of Forecasted Demand


Lost Sales Ratio

Sales and Distribution Key Modules

Point of Sale (POS)
Inventory Management
Channel Partner Management
Resource Order Management

Simplify and streamline transactions, inventory management, and customer engagement at the point of sale by enhancing customer experience through a user-friendly and intuitive POS interface.

Optimize inventory management To track inventory levels, manage stock replenishment, and reduce carrying costs for improved profitability by minimizing stockouts and lost sales opportunities through real-time inventory visibility.

Effectively onboard, engage, and empower your partners for mutual growth and success to streamline partner onboarding processes and enable self-service partner management with Telecom Sales and Distribution Platforms.

Capture, organize, and share critical information to empower your sales and distribution teams to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members through discussion forums and wikis to enable seamless knowledge transfer and continuous learning.

Streamline the process, automate calculations, and ensure accurate and timely commission payments to enhance transparency and trust with your sales team through our CoMS portal.

Effectively manage and track your field force activities for increased efficiency and develop real-time communication and collaboration between managers and field representatives.

Sales and Distribution platforms like Ventas, seamlessly integrate geographical data with other modules for a comprehensive view of your business.

Digital onboarding in sales and distribution management refers to the process of integrating new sales representatives or distributors into a digital platform. Key components include Registration, Identity Verification, Document Submission, Compliance Checks, and Access to Services.

Sales and Distribution Overview

Monetize new opportunities to identify and capitalize on revenue generating prospects with agile product innovation

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    Ventas, an intelligent Sales and Distribution platform, powered by 6D Technologies, offers CSPs gain complete visibility over inventory and field workforce operations. Geo-visibility and advanced analytics

    Distribution channels are essential to the success of CSPs! They can optimize their revenues and sustainably build their business with them.