6D Tech Corporate Video
6d Technologies Coprorate Video

6D Technologies is a technology-driven organization that delivers innovative solutions for a transformational experience with the advantage of future-driven technologies like loT , Al/ML, Big Data Analytics, 5G, Cloud, and more. Revolutionize Communications with Next-gen Technologies !

Canvas Multiplay Digital BSS

Canvas, a multi-play Digital BSS platform, powered by 6D Technologies, helps CSPs monetize their revenue growth, giving them a competitive edge in the market by accelerating their digital transformation journey to do more in less time. Drive Digital Transformation with 5G-ready Digital BSS.

Ventas - Sales and Distribution Platform

Sales and Distribution Platforms combine key functions such as distributor management, inventory management, point-of-sale, commission management, advanced data visualization and BI, sales force management and knowledge management. Telecom Sales and Distribution Platforms uses cloud-native architecture with microservices, offering scalability, flexibility, and easy integration with existing applications.


The super innovative Gamification tool offers fully customizable plugins to engage and reward users. This visual element implements repeated user incentives for the website. Badge systems, challenges, spend and win games are implemented through personalized user experience to motivate the user.

Infintiy-IoT and M2M Connectivity Management Solution

Infinity, a complete IoT and M2M Connectivity Management platform, powered by 6D Technologies, provides end-to-end visibility and control of your IoT assets. This allows CSPs and Enterprises to focus on optimizing costs and improving operational efficiencies. Monitor and manage the lifecycle of M2M SIMs, Devices, and IoT assets.

Aures - Digital Financial Solution

A Digital Financial Services Suite is a comprehensive product portfolio designed and developed using AI-based advanced analytics, which unlocks new revenue opportunities for Telecom Operators, Financial Institutions, Banks, Merchants, and Enterprises. Empower customers to handle payments and banking services digitally anytime and anywhere with telecom digital financial platform.