Embrace Cloudification for Customer-Centricity

6D Technologies’ innovative solutions play a pivotal role in aiding cloudification for telecommunication service providers (CSPs). By offering Telco Cloudification solutions, 6D Technologies empowers CSPs to deploy and scale services rapidly, effectively reducing the time-to-market for new offerings and meeting customer demand with agility.

The process of cloudification not only streamlines network management and maintenance but also significantly reduces operational costs, allowing for improved resource allocation. This transformative approach paves the way for the seamless integration of innovative technologies such as 5G, IoT, and edge computing.

By harnessing cloud capabilities, CSPs are not only poised to seize new revenue opportunities but also deliver exceptional customer experiences in the ever-evolving telecom landscape, making 6D Technologies an invaluable partner in their journey towards moving to the cloud.

6D Technologies’ comprehensive suite of Telco Cloudification contributes to the successful implementation of cloud-native strategies. By harnessing the power of cloud-based architecture, CSPs can ensure network scalability and flexibility, adapting to the dynamic demands of the digital era.

With 6D Technologies’ digital solutions, CSPs are better equipped to navigate the complexities of cloud platforms, ultimately driving innovation, optimizing resource allocation, and capturing the full spectrum of opportunities in the telecommunications industry.

How Cloudification Adds Value

Building the Telco Cloud

6D Technologies plays a pivotal role in aiding Telco Cloudification by providing the necessary expertise and solutions for virtualizing and solutioning existing applications on a private or public cloud. These solutions ensure the seamless movement of data and services into any cloud, fostering flexibility and scalability for telecom service providers. 6D provides the managed services resources to maintain and run the cloud infrastructure as well.

Microservices Architecture 

6D Technologies empowers CSPs by enabling a loosely coupled micro-services architecture for all applications. This approach accelerates innovation and agility in application development. With 6D Technologies’ support, CSPs can quickly develop, test, and deploy new features and fixes without impacting other components of the application, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Open Source and DevOps

6D Technologies facilitates the implementation of Open Source and DevOps practices that accelerate Telco Cloudification. By providing the necessary innovation and development promptly, 6D Technologies ensures CSPs can transition to the cloud swiftly. This partnership helps CSPs remain competitive and responsive to market demands. We follow a strict CI/CD cycle to ensure regular product updates and releases.

Extended and Distributed Cloud Network

6D Technologies aids CSPs in implementing performance at the edge, including the deployment of local micro-data centers. This distributed approach enhances network efficiency and reduces latency, ensuring that CSPs can optimize their network performance with 6D Technologies’ support.


6D Technologies assists CSPs in implementing containerization solutions, enabling the creation of containers to build and run scalable applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Telco Cloudification solutions facilitate the movement of applications between environments without affecting functionality, promoting versatility and efficient resource utilization.

Low Code – No Code Approach

6D Technologies provides support for a low-code and no-code approach to application development, significantly reducing future development costs and simplifying operations management. With 6D Technologies Telco Cloudification, CSPs can streamline their development processes, maintain cost-effectiveness, and effectively transition to the cloud.

Why 6D Technologies for Cloudification


CSPs can easily scale their services up or down based on demand, ensuring they can meet customer needs efficiently and cost-effectively. This flexibility in scaling ensures that CSPs can adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics and customer preferences, staying responsive to evolving requirements.


Telco Cloudification infrastructure allows for rapid deployment of new services and features, reducing time-to-market and enabling CSPs to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry. This advantage enables CSPs to launch innovative services and features quickly, maintaining their edge in the dynamic telecom landscape.

Cost Savings

Telco Cloudification reduces the need for extensive physical infrastructure and maintenance, resulting in lower operational costs and optimized resource utilization. This cost-saving aspect not only enhances profitability but also allows CSPs to reallocate resources to critical areas, ensuring operational excellence.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Telco Cloudification services enable CSPs to provide improved customer experiences with faster response times, reduced downtime, and better flexibility in offering tailored services. The enhanced customer experiences translate to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a stronger market position for CSPs in the highly competitive telecommunications sector.

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