Big Data Analytics

Enhance customer lifetime value with Advanced customer value management and AI-powered analytics

Customer Value Management with Big Data Analytics

Deliver personalized customer experience in real-time and strategize data-driven decisions with MAGIK, a seamless AI-powered customer value management. MAGIK leverages powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms driven by Big Data analytics to predict the customer’s future behavior, churn propensity, prescribe the next best action, offer and personalize user engagement over customer-preferred channels.

The platform analyzes the entire customer journey and improves engagement with loyalty and rewards, gamification and other data-driven AI techniques. It takes care of the end-to-end data lifecycle management, making it possible to extract, ingest, organize, enrich, process, analyze, govern, externalize, and secure data at a fast pace generating insights from data collected from various sources

Big Data Analytics Features

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  • Engage your customer better a complete customer value management platform


    Prebuilt Data Science use-cases around Customer, Sales and Distribution and Financial Services domains

  • Benefit from a set of prebuilt Customer Journeys that guide you to effectively manage your customer through Acquisition, Growth and Retain stages


    Omni-channel campaign management platform allows you to perform A/B testing to test multiple campaign variants and launch the best one in market

  • Integrated workflow capability enabling faster curation and reuse


    Design and deliver fit-for-purpose Data Lake to process structured, semi-structured and unstructured data through Big Data analytics

  • Complex Event Processing capability for real-time analytics of streaming data, enabling instant data-driven decisions


    Intuitive Data Scientist Workbench helps identify new revenue enhancement opportunities and enhances customer experience

  • Ready integration with 45+ Ad Exchanges providing customer targeting capability over millions of websites


    Advanced data visualization and reporting tool with AI-powered analytics for extensive business insights to take informed decisions

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