Enhance Customer Lifetime Value with AI-powered
Telecom Customer Value Management Platform


Deliver personalized customer experience in real-time and strategize data-driven decisions with seamless AI-powered Customer value management software with Big Data Analytics capabilities

Customer value management platform is designed to help CSPs better understand and manage the value they provide to their customers. The solution typically involve analyzing customer data to identify patterns and trends, predicting customer behavior, and developing targeted marketing and retention strategies.

Leverage powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms driven by Big Data Analytics to predict the customer’s future behavior, churn propensity, prescribe the next best action, and offer personalized user engagement over customer-preferred channels.

Big Data Analytics offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing operators to gain deep insights into network performance, customer behaviors, and market trends. This data-driven approach ensures informed decision-making, better network management, and the ability to identify and seize new business opportunities.

With AI-powered customer value management, CSPs can personalize customer interactions, predict customer needs and preferences, and improve customer satisfaction. AI-powered CVM helps CSPs identify new revenue opportunities and optimize pricing strategies.

With Big Data Analytics telecom operators can deliver superior customer experiences, drive revenue growth, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic telecommunications industry.

Why CVM needs Big Data Analytics and AI in Telecom?

Creating Value with Success Stories Success Stories


Campaign Response Rate


ARPU Upliftment


Churn Reduction


Churn Accuracy


NPS/CSAT Increase

Customer Value Management Platform Key Modules

CVM (Campaign Management)
Loyalty Management
Advanced Analytics

Streamline your marketing campaigns to deliver personalization with automated campaign workflows, audience segmentation, and more using an advanced Customer Value Management Software.


Manage loyalty programs that reward customer engagement and drive repeat business through personalized loyalty experiences, including point accrual, tiered rewards, and exclusive perks.


Measure and track customer engagement, progress, and achievements through gamification and Big data analytics. It leverages data analytics to create personalized gamification strategies that motivate customers and improve overall campaign effectiveness.


Unlock the power of data by leveraging machine learning, predictive modeling, and data visualization techniques to extract valuable insights and make informed decisions with Big Data Analytics

Data Management
BI & Reporting

The Enterprise Communication System (ECP) is a versatile solution designed to enhance customer and partner engagement for enterprises. This platform offers a unified approach to multichannel communication services, ensuring secure, reliable, and cost-effective interactions.

Make data-driven decisions with powerful Big Data analytics based BI and reporting through actionable insights and visualize your business performance through intuitive dashboards and reports.

MAGIK Overview


Unlock Insights and Elevate Customer Engagement with Magik, a Powerful Big Data Analytics and CVM Platform.

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    Magik, a complete Customer Value Management and Advanced Analytics solution, helps CSPs optimize customer value journey AI/ML based advanced analytics to offer personalized services.

    Unlocking the entire potential of analytics-driven customer value management will be the major driver of future development in saturated, dynamic telecom industries.