5G Monetization

Generate New Revenue Streams with 5G Monetization

With the advent of 5G technology, 6D Technologies is at the forefront of aiding CSPs in seizing the boundless opportunities it offers. 5G Transformative Services for CSPs remarkable enhancements in data speeds, ultra-low latency, and extensive connectivity have created an environment ripe for innovation. It enables CSPs to explore a multitude of transformative services, from IoT to edge computing and immersive augmented reality experiences, effectively leading a technological revolution.

6D Technologies provides tools for efficient network slicing management. This enables telcos to allocate network resources dynamically based on specific customer needs, ensuring optimal service delivery and resource utilization. 6D Technologies helps CSPs optimize the management of mobile broadband services. It streamlines billing, provisioning, and service delivery for high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

Digital business support systems (BSS) enable telecom operators to monetize their 5G network services which includes implementing new billing and charging models, offering personalized and innovative services, and leveraging data analytics to optimize revenue generation.

Some key aspects of 5G monetization with digital BSS include real-time charging and billing, dynamic pricing, flexible service packaging, and the ability to quickly launch and monetize new services.

CSPs should leverage 5G for IoT and smart city applications, such as connected vehicles, smart meters, and industrial automation. They can also use AI/ ML and data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, and offer personalized services to customers. 6D Technologies offers CSPs with new and innovative technologies based solutions to help them enable new use cases and revenue streams.

Monetization services for CSPs are designed to support the growing ecosystem of connected devices in the IoT space. It offers advanced device management capabilities, helping telcos efficiently onboard and manage a wide range of IoT devices. As they continue to harness the potential of connectivity, CSPs are poised to lead the charge into a future characterized by seamless connectivity and unparalleled possibilities.

How 5G Monetization Adds Value

Maximized Revenue Potential

CSPs can unlock new revenue streams by offering cutting-edge services such as IoT, augmented reality, and low-latency applications, capitalizing on evolving consumer demands and emerging industries. Higher bandwidth applications can be instantly launched for consumers leading to better customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

With the exceptional speed and minimal latency of 5G, CSPs can provide unparalleled customer experiences. Reduced churn rates and increased loyalty translate to higher customer lifetime value and sustained profitability. Multiple services can be clubbed together and launched for consumers providing greater width, range and variety to consumers

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage the vast data generated by 5G networks to offer valuable insights to other businesses through data analytics services. This opens up new revenue opportunities and positions CSPs as data-centric service providers. Machine learning analytics on the data can help in deeper insights and better strategy and planning for CSPs.

Edge Computing Opportunities

Edge computing services reduce latency for critical applications. This positions CSPs at the forefront of transformative technologies like autonomous vehicles and smart cities, with substantial revenue potential. Moving the compute resources at the edge will provide less latency, quick response and better customer experience.

Why 6D Technologies for 5G Monetization

Commercial Catalog Management

6D Technologies' solutions provide advanced capabilities to manage your 5G retail offers efficiently. With features like 5G slice templates, edge computing services, IoT services, private network services, infrastructure services, and data center services, 6D Technologies ensures that telecom providers have the tools they need to streamline their service delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Self Care

Leveraging self-care to make your BSS more powerful. With enhanced capacity management, IoT and edge services management, and revenue management for 5G services, providers can ensure a better customer experience through increased network performance and streamlined revenue generation.

AI/ML-based Commercial & Service Order Management

6D Technologies leverages the capabilities of 5G to provide AI and machine learning-based commercial and service order management. With this speed and reliability, telecom providers can intelligently handle slices based on active connection orders and other service attributes, optimizing service order management and enhancing overall efficiency.

Advanced Subscription Management

6D Technologies' solutions enable advanced subscription management by offering versatile support for various services, including retail, OTT, enterprise solutions, and on-demand private networks. The power of 5G empowers providers to handle a wide array of subscription services efficiently, ensuring a flexible and scalable approach to subscription management.

Slice Provisioning Management

Facilitate OSS-agnostic slice provisioning into SMF, ensuring end-to-end quality of service. With the power of 5G, service quality assurance becomes more robust, and providers can optimize service delivery for various use cases.

Slice and Edge Services Billing

This solution offers efficient billing for slice and MEC offers. With enhanced connectivity and performance, providers can accurately rate and bill enterprises and MVNOs for various usage and non-usage-based services, ensuring transparency and accuracy in billing for 5G services.

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Canvas Drive Digital Transformation

Canvas, powered by 6D Technologies, is a complete Digital BSS Suite that helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) monetize their revenue growth and modernize with futuristic technologies

In today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their revenue streams and improve customer experience.