Subscription Management

Empowering Seamless Subscription Management Control

Telecom Subscription Management system is a robust solution that allows operators to efficiently manage subscriptions across various third-party content management systems. This comprehensive platform encompasses a wide range of functionalities, including offer creation, short code management, service and content purchase and renewal workflows, charging orchestration, and notifications. Subscription Management software serves as a centralized hub for all aspects of subscription management, streamlining the entire process. In essence, it’s a versatile and dynamic tool that enhances subscription management for operators, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


Streamlined Subscription Creation

Subscription Management software simplifies the process of creating and managing subscriptions, making it easy for operators to offer a wide range of services to their customers. This streamlining enhances the overall customer experience and operational efficiency.

Efficient Service Bundling

The Subscription Management software supports service bundling, allowing operators to package multiple services together. This bundling flexibility empowers operators to create attractive combo packs that can include various value-added services, data services, SMS/talk-time packs, and more.

Seamless Subscription Activation

Subscription activation is a crucial element of the customer journey, and this system ensures that the process is seamless and efficient. Customers can easily activate their chosen subscriptions, enhancing their satisfaction and engagement.


Flexible Price Plan Configuration

Operators can configure flexible price plans, enabling them to offer competitive pricing and discounts. This configurability ensures that operators can adapt to market demands and customer preferences.

Holistic Subscription Lifecycle

The Subscription Management software manages the entire subscription lifecycle, from creation and activation to renewal and eventual deactivation. This comprehensive management ensures that subscriptions are efficiently handled throughout their journey. This system provides operators with the tools to manage charging triggers effectively, ensuring that customers are billed accurately for their subscribed services


Diverse Subscription Charging Models

Operators can choose from various subscription charging models, such as recurring charges, step-based charges, split charges, and more. The Subscription Management system includes an automated subscription renewal feature, ensuring that customers can continue to enjoy their chosen services without interruption.


Flexible Subscription Options

Flexible Subscription Options

Subscription Management software offers a wide array of flexible subscription options, including hybrid services where multiple services can be bundled together at revised rates. This feature allows operators to create combo packs, combining various services like VAS/CP-based services, data services, SMS/talk-time packs, and more. This versatility provides customers with diverse choices and encourages subscription.

Subscription Cycle Management

Subscription Cycle Management

Administrators have the capability to define subscription cycles such as active state, grace state, suspended, and deactivated. This level of control ensures that subscription management aligns with business requirements and customer preferences.

Intelligent Plan Recommendations

Intelligent Plan Recommendations

Subscription Management software enhances the customer experience by intelligently suggesting the next best or fallback subscription plan when a user is unable to subscribe to the ideal plan due to low balance. This feature maximizes customer engagement and satisfaction.

Diverse Charging Models

Diverse Charging Models

The Subscription Management software supports various charging models, including recurring, step-based, split charges, and charging bypass. This flexibility allows operators to tailor their charging strategies to specific services and customer segments.

Comprehensive Billing and Charging

Comprehensive Billing and Charging

The system offers comprehensive billing and charging capabilities, including MT billing/charging for services pushed by content providers. This ensures accurate and transparent billing for subscribed services, enhancing trust and customer satisfaction.

Opt-in and Opt-out

Opt-in and Opt-out

The Subscription Management software supports flexible opt-in, opt-out, and double opt-in features, allowing customers to easily subscribe to and unsubscribe from services as per their preferences. Operators can configure flexible billing attempts, optimizing the chances of successful subscription billing. This feature minimizes disruptions to the customer experience and revenue flow.

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