Case Management

Comprehensive Case Management Software
for Enhanced Customer Service

The Case Management Software delivers a robust system for generating, collecting, and resolving cases from customer interactions across diverse channels. This versatile tool streamlines case tracking and resolution across various customer segments, services, and lines of business. Case Management Software solution provides a 360-degree view of each case, including its source of creation, creation timestamp, assigned priority, estimated time for closure, designated agent, associated queue, ticket age, closure details, and supplementary information such as text notes and voice recordings.


Case Generation & Collection

The system efficiently generates and collects cases from various customer touch points. It ensures that cases are logged and ready for resolution, providing a structured approach to case management.

Prioritization & Assignment

Cases can be assigned priorities based on their severity or criticality. Case Management Software allows for the efficient allocation of resources and ensures that critical cases receive immediate attention.

Problem Diagnostic Loggings

The system logs detailed diagnostic information about the problems reported in cases. This helps in accurate issue identification and troubleshooting, leading to quicker resolutions.

Ticket Categorization and Tracking

Cases are categorized and tracked systematically based on predefined categories and sub-categories. This allows for organized case management and easy retrieval of case-related information.

Ticket SLA Management and Reassignment

Telecom Case Management Software proactively manages Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for cases, optimizing response times and enabling systematic tracking. It also supports the reassignment of cases when necessary.

Outage Ticket/Master Ticket and Auto Escalation

In the event of outages or complex issues, master tickets can be created to oversee multiple related cases. Auto escalation ensures that cases are escalated to the appropriate teams or individuals for swift resolution.

AI-Driven Case Management

Utilizing AI-driven Case Management can effectively minimize customer complaints, thereby enhancing the overall user journey and experience through automated resolution or accurate redirection toward the appropriate solution

Workflow Management

Case management workflow automation involves leveraging technology to streamline and optimize the various stages of case handling, from initiation to resolution

Monitoring and Reporting

System provides real-time monitoring dashboards, performance metrics, and customizable reports, enabling the identification of bottlenecks, process optimization, and data-driven decision-making to improve the overall effectiveness of case workflows

Case Collaboration

Collaborative feature in case management enables seamless cross-functional teamwork, allowing agents from diverse teams to collaborate effectively through task assignment, coordination, communication, and knowledge sharing.


Streamlined Ticket Management and Tracking

Streamlined Ticket Management and Tracking

The Case Management Software empowers users to take necessary actions based on ticket status, ensuring timely responses and effective communication with customers. This system offers a lifecycle-based approach to tracking cases, allowing users to monitor their status from start to finish. This transparency enhances customer updates and ensures robust case handling.

Configurable Ticket Priority

Configurable Ticket Priority

Based on the severity or criticality of a ticket, the system permits users to assign a priority level to the case. This priority setting is flexible and configurable within the system, aligning with specific business needs.

Flexible Case Category Management

Flexible Case Category Management

Users have the flexibility to pre-define, delete, and update various case categories and sub-categories within the system. This adaptability ensures that case categorization remains aligned with evolving requirements.

Efficient Case Management

Efficient Case Management

The system efficiently handles Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for cases, ensuring timely responses and systematic monitoring of case progress to meet service commitments. This platform also supports customizable ticket workflows, allowing organizations to tailor processes to their unique needs, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Omni-Channel Support

Omni-Channel Support

The Case Management Software provides an Omni-channel experience, allowing seamless interactions across various communication channels, providing customers with the flexibility to engage through their preferred channels.

Robust Knowledge Base

Robust Knowledge Base

The platform offers a rich knowledge base, making essential information accessible to all CRM/Self-Care users. This includes tutorials, FAQs, chatbots, process flows, product guides, external reference URLs, and SLA documents, enhancing user experience and issue resolution.

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