Partner Relationship Management

Empowering Partnerships, Accelerating Growth
with Partner Management Software

Partner Management Software is designed to simplify and enhance the entire partner lifecycle. It facilitates seamless partner onboarding, efficient partnership management, contract handling, and billing. With support for various rate plans, revenue sharing models, discounts, and taxation, it enables precise billing based on contractual agreements. The platform also includes provisions for bonuses, dispute resolution, and adjustments. Embrace the future of collaborative growth with our comprehensive Partner Management Software.

PRM for telcos involves managing and nurturing relationships with various partners such as suppliers, distributors, and resellers in the telecommunications industry. This includes activities such as onboarding new partners, providing them with the necessary tools and resources, managing joint marketing and sales activities, and ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

The telecom partner relationship management solution helps CSPs streamline their partner management processes, improve partner satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth by leveraging the strengths of their partner ecosystem.

The solution offer improved communication and collaboration with partners, increased partner satisfaction and loyalty, better visibility into partner performance and sales activities, streamlined partner onboarding and training processes, and enhanced partner engagement and support.


End-to-End Partner Engagement

The platform covers the entire partner engagement process, from onboarding to settlement, ensuring a seamless partnership experience.

Unified Partner Management

It offers unified management for various partner types, including Interconnect, Roaming, VAS, VoIP, MVNO/MVNE, content, and wholesale partners, streamlining agreement and settlement processes.

Bulk Data Upload and Centralized Reporting

Simplifying data input, it supports bulk data upload for efficient partner management.  Operators can access centralized reporting, allowing for comprehensive insights and data-driven decisions.


Advanced Rating Engine

With a powerful CDR Rating Engine, it handles offline CDR rating, rerating, and repricing, along with origin and destination-based charging.

GSMA Compliance

Partner Management Software aligns with GSMA standards, ensuring regulatory compliance and industry best practices.


Efficient Billing and Settlement

It manages partner billing and settlement processes with precision, optimizing financial transactions.

Partner Relationship Management Benefits

Streamlined Partner Information Management

Streamlined Partner Information Management

Partner Management Software provides a centralized hub for storing various partner agreements, ensuring easy access and efficient management of service agreements, bilateral arrangements, and more.

Comprehensive Rating Engine

Comprehensive Rating Engine

Our built-in CDR rating engine supports destination and origin-based charging, offline re-rating, and re-pricing, simplifying complex rating processes.

International and National Partner Management

International and National Partner Management

The web-based GUI simplifies partner onboarding and management, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing collaboration. Partner Management Software caters to a diverse range of partners, making it suitable for both international and national partner relationships.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Generate customized, information-rich traffic and revenue reports to detect revenue leakage, enhance fraud detection, and gain valuable insights.

Flexible Rate Plan Management

Flexible Rate Plan Management

Partner Management Software supports a variety of rate plans and tariff management, allowing operators to tailor pricing to their specific needs.

Comprehensive Dispute Resolution and Effortless Invoice Settlement

Comprehensive Dispute Resolution and Effortless Invoice Settlement

Efficiently manage partner disputes and adjustments with our configurable discounting models and settlement processes. Simplify invoice settlement and partner reconciliation for different interconnect and roaming partners, ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial transactions.

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