Customer Order Management

Effortless Order Excellence by Empowering Your Order Lifecycle
with Customer Order Management

CANVAS Customer Order Management presents an all-encompassing solution, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to order processing, right from initial creation to thorough validation and throughout the entire lifecycle of the order. This comprehensive solution seamlessly captures and integrates order requests originating from Customer Order Management and self-care solutions.

The solution boasts robust integration capabilities through REST APIs, connecting seamlessly with various crucial components such as CRM, Inventory Management, Billing, Product Catalog, and Fulfillment Layer. This integration empowers organizations by offering a unified platform to manage their order processes effectively. By harnessing this system, companies can significantly enhance their operational efficiency and simultaneously elevate customer experiences through smoother order processing.

By employing Customer Order Management, CSPs gain access to a dynamic solution that not only captures and processes order requests but also integrates seamlessly with essential facets of the business. The ability to harmonize with CRM, Inventory Management, Billing, Product Catalog, and Fulfillment Layer via REST APIs ensures a cohesive and streamlined order management process.

The integration enhances the overall efficiency of order processing while facilitating a more engaging and satisfactory customer experience. Through this solution, companies can confidently navigate their order management workflows, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and promptness in fulfilling customer orders, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.


Efficient Order Establishment

Streamline order creation, validation, and verification processes to ensure accuracy and reliability while reducing errors and improving operational efficiency through CANVAS Customer Order Management .

Comprehensive Order Capture

Capture orders from various channels, validate them for accuracy, and verify product availability, ensuring a seamless and error-free order submission process.

Order Decomposition and Orchestration

Divide complex orders into manageable components and orchestrate their fulfillment, ensuring that each step of the order is executed effectively.


End-to-End Order Lifecycle Management

Manage orders throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation to fulfillment, including order enrichment and updates, to ensure timely and accurate delivery.

Flexible Order SLA Configuration

Configure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for different types of orders, ensuring that each order is handled according to its specific requirements, optimizing order fulfillment.


Effective Order Fallout Management

Efficiently manage and resolve order discrepancies and issues to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and customers receive the expected products and services.

Order Tracking and Status Updates

Throughout the order lifecycle, customers and internal stakeholders can track the status of their orders in real-time providing visibility into order progress, status updates, and estimated delivery/installation timelines

Workflow Automation

CANVAS Order Management system automates repetitive tasks, workflows, and approvals to streamline the order fulfillment process thus reducing manual effort, accelerating service delivery, and minimizing errors



Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is improved by ensuring order accuracy and product availability verification before order confirmation, effectively reducing operational costs associated with incorrect orders. This meticulous approach not only minimizes errors but also optimizes resource allocation, ensuring swift and accurate order fulfillment, and consequently enhancing the overall operational efficiency within the organization.

Simplified Approval Workflow

Simplified Approval Workflow

The system streamlines the approval process with minimal manual intervention, guaranteeing compliance, which simplifies and accelerates order processing. By automating and centralizing the approval procedures, Customer Order Management significantly reduces bottlenecks, expedites decision-making, and ensures that orders progress seamlessly through the workflow, contributing to faster order completions.

Accelerated Product Launches

Accelerated Product Launches

Shorten time-to-market for new products and services by leveraging capabilities for optimal bundle creation and guided product selection, increasing competitiveness. CSPs can swiftly introduce and launch new offerings to the market, as the system facilitates the smooth assembly of product bundles and guides the selection process, allowing for a quicker response to market demands.

In-Process Negotiation

In-Process Negotiation

During order creation, negotiate with customers and partners seamlessly, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the terms of with Customer Order Management. The system provides a platform for real-time negotiation, enabling businesses to engage in collaborative discussions and arrive at mutually beneficial terms, thereby fostering stronger relationships with both customers and partners.

Unified Order Management

Unified Order Management

Employees benefit from improved productivity and job satisfaction, thanks to a single, integrated system that manages order information effectively. Customer Order Management's unified approach consolidates all order-related data, enabling employees to access and manage information efficiently, reducing redundancy, and ensuring consistent and accurate order processing.

Actionable Order Insights

Actionable Order Insights

Order analytics provide valuable insights into order trends, helping organizations make informed decisions and optimize their Customer Order Management processes. By leveraging the analytics provided by Customer Order Management, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences, allowing them to tailor their strategies and offerings to better meet customer needs.

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