Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive platform as part of Digital BSS, designed to streamline and centralize customer-related activities. From lead generation and contact management to sales forecasting and analytics, the Customer Relationship Management module offers a holistic view of your customer lifecycle, empowering your team to make informed decisions.

CRM in digital BSS for telecom includes managing customer interactions, analyzing customer data, and improving customer satisfaction and retention through digital channels.

It allows telecom companies to manage customer interactions and data across all touchpoints, including sales, marketing, customer service, and billing.

Our CRM system provides a complete view of the customer, allowing telecom companies to better understand and anticipate customer needs, personalize marketing and sales efforts, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Some key features of a 360-degree CRM system for telecom may include customer segmentation, multi-channel communication, integration with billing and provisioning systems, predictive analytics, and real-time reporting and dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management Features

Lead Management

Capture, track, and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel to ensure no potential opportunity slips through the cracks.

Customer Contact Management

Centralize customer data, including contact details, communication history, purchase history, and more, in one easily accessible location.

Sales Automation

Automate repetitive sales tasks such as follow-ups, email campaigns, and order processing, to increase sales productivity.

Opportunity Management

Track the progress of deals, monitor pipeline activities, and collaborate seamlessly with your team to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Sales Forecasting

Leverage historical data, market trends, and customer behavior to predict sales performance accurately to make informed decisions.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor KPIs, track sales metrics, and analyze customer behavior to drive data-driven decisions.

Service Ticketing and Case Management

CANVAS CRM enables efficient handling of service requests, inquiries, and complaints. Agents can create, track, and resolve tickets, ensuring timely resolution of customer issues leading to better customer satisfaction and service

Order Management

CANVAS CRM streamlines order processing for services such as new subscriptions, upgrades, or cancellations and automate order entry, provisioning, and fulfillment workflows, reducing manual errors and accelerating service delivery

Campaign Management

CANVAS Customer Relationship Management supports targeted marketing campaigns through AI-driven segmentation, personalization, and campaign tracking features thus CSPs can launch promotions, upsell/cross-sell offers, and measure campaign effectiveness for better customer experience

Churn Prediction and Retention

Advanced analytics capabilities in CANVAS Customer Relationship Management analyze customer behavior and usage patterns to predict churn likelihood so that CSPs can proactively engage at-risk customers with targeted retention initiatives

Customer Relationship Management Benefits

360-Degree Customer View

360-Degree Customer View

Leverage a centralized knowledge base and support ticketing system within Customer Relationship Management to gain a comprehensive and holistic view of each customer, including their purchase history, preferences, interactions, and support tickets, enabling your customer support team to deliver quick, accurate resolutions that leave a positive and lasting impression.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Automated Lead Nurturing

Automate lead nurturing processes, ensuring no potential opportunities fall through the cracks. From sending personalized follow-up emails to scheduling timely reminders, Telecom CRM Software ensures that leads are effectively nurtured until they are ready to make a purchase.

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Get a clear and real-time view of your sales pipeline, allowing the team to prioritize deals, identify potential bottlenecks, and forecast revenue with accuracy. Streamline the sales process and reduce manual efforts, leading to faster deal closures.

Integration Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

Telecom CRM Software seamlessly integrates with other business tools and software, such as marketing automation platforms, email marketing software, and e-commerce systems to ensure smooth data flow across all departments, providing a unified experience for your customers.

Effective Cross-Selling and Upselling

Effective Cross-Selling and Upselling

Leverage customer data to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities. With personalized product recommendations and targeted offers, CSP’s can maximize revenue from existing customers while enhancing their overall experience.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Access real-time dashboards and reports for in-depth analysis of sales performance, customer trends, and campaign effectiveness, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress to boost productivity and ensure alignment towards common goals while preventing critical activities from being overlooked.

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