Online Charging System

Revolutionize Billing with Online Charging System

The Converged Charging System is a versatile platform catering to various network types, including mobile (GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, LTE), VOIP, and fixed-line services. It handles Online Charging System for voice, data, and SMS for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. This system ensures online balance management and monitors credit for subscribers, automatically controlling services upon reaching credit limits or depleted balances. With a unified rating engine, operators can price services based on perceived value. It supports both online and offline charging as needed, even allowing for re-rating of CDRs when necessary, providing flexibility and efficiency in managing subscriber billing.


Flexible Charging Capabilities

The Online Charging System offers extensive charging flexibility, with support for flat and variable rating, ensuring tailored billing solutions for diverse customer needs.

Group Charging Efficiency

Efficient group charging features are provided, allowing parent-child charging relationships. This facilitates simplified billing for groups and families with shared accounts.

Multi-Dimensional Charging

The system caters to multi-dimensional charging, enabling differentiated pricing based on factors such as time, volume, session, data usage, special days, events, and locations. This ensures precise billing for various scenarios.

Split Charging and Pay-as-You-Go

Support for split charging and pay-as-you-go models enhances billing accuracy and convenience for customers, especially those with shared or dynamic billing arrangements.


Bundle Management

The platform offers bundle queuing and auto-renewal features, simplifying the management of service bundles. This ensures seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Effective Notification

Threshold notifications and post-call notifications are integrated into the system to keep customers informed about their balances and usage. These notifications enhance transparency and control over expenses.

NGIN services

Operators launch NGIN services like UAN, Premium Rate, and Free Phone to enhance business processes and product launches, improve customer interaction, and streamline operations. 6D offers a flexible solution with SCP, NGIN Services, Orchestrator, Enterprise, NMS, and Reporting modules to evolve NGIN services.

Tollfree Services

Toll-free services (National and International) provide Enterprises with free calling options for inquiries and support, enhancing customer experience. Businesses benefit from increased accessibility and improved customer satisfaction. 


Efficient Charging and Rating Engine

Efficient Charging and Rating Engine

The Online Charging System offers a robust rating engine with extensive tariff and rating options, enabling flexible rating plans, discounts, and promotions. These plans can be applied to individual subscribers and small groups, ensuring versatility in billing. Additionally, it provides unified tariffs and ratings for all subscribers, regardless of access type or payment method, streamlining the billing process.

Comprehensive Account and Balance Management

Comprehensive Account and Balance Management

This system supports multiple balances per account, allowing for nuanced balance management. It also permits multiple devices to be linked to a single account, ideal for multi-device users. Moreover, it accommodates group accounts and hierarchy accounts, enhancing flexibility in account structures. The platform facilitates centralized product catalog usage for the rating and charging engine, applicable across various networks and payment methods.

Dynamic Credit Control and Management

Dynamic Credit Control and Management

The Online Charging System excels in discounting, enforcing credit limits, and applying balance thresholds. It enables the enforcement of charging policies on customer accounts, ensuring fair and consistent billing. Real-time rating and charging cater to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, offering timely and accurate billing for services.

Proactive Session and Credit Control

Proactive Session and Credit Control

The system provides online session control and credit control, dynamically adapting to changing rate plans based on subscriber demands. It automates customer status changes based on credit amounts, ensuring seamless transitions between active, blocked, or suspended statuses. Additionally, it allows rating of actual session duration, accounting for variations between peak and off-peak usage.

Versatile Charging Modes

Versatile Charging Modes

The platform supports various charging modes to meet diverse needs. Online Charging System involves direct interaction with session or service control, ensuring immediate billing. Offline rating and charging handle network CDRs and postpaid CDRs, providing flexibility in processing. Offline re-rating recalculates the cost of calls and events for end users over a specific period, enabling accurate billing adjustments.



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