Service Order Management

Streamlined Solutions for Seamless Operations
with Service Order Management

Service Order Management is a pivotal component within the BSS Solution, facilitating the complete lifecycle of service requests. With a customer-centric approach, it efficiently manages requests from initiation to fulfilment. The solution verifies service availability and validates the service order requests against specified criteria. 

Service Order Management extends its capabilities to service order decomposition, breaking down complex orders into manageable components. Dynamic service workflows can be easily configured, ensuring that every step in the order fulfillment process aligns with predefined protocols.

The service order management process helps in managing and tracking service orders for communication service providers (CSPs). This includes tasks such as order creation, provisioning, activation, and billing. Efficient service order management is crucial for telecom companies to ensure timely and accurate delivery of services to customers.

Some key features of service order management for CSPs include order capture and tracking, inventory management, service provisioning, and integration with billing and customer relationship management systems.

Service Order Management under Digital BSS involves the process of managing and fulfilling service orders in a digital business support system (BSS) environment. This includes the creation, modification, and tracking of service orders, as well as managing the resources and activities required to fulfil these orders.


Efficient Provisioning Execution

Seamlessly execute provisioning tasks with both synchronous and asynchronous capabilities, ensuring service orders are processed swiftly and according to customer requirements.

Comprehensive Order Execution

Manage the execution of service orders comprehensively, from initiation to completion, ensuring accuracy and timely fulfillment of customer requests.

Inflight Charge Handling

Handle inflight charges with precision, enabling real-time tracking and management of charges associated with Service Order Management.

Priority Queue Management

Prioritize and manage service orders effectively with a priority queue system, ensuring critical orders receive the necessary attention and resources.

Streamlined Order Fallout Management

Efficiently manage order fallout situations, addressing issues promptly to minimize disruptions and ensure seamless Service Order Management.


Order Feasibility Design

Design service orders with feasibility in mind, optimizing the process to guarantee successful execution and customer satisfaction.


Catalog-Driven Dynamic Orders

Catalog-Driven Dynamic Orders

Streamline order creation with catalog-driven management, allowing for the seamless creation of dynamic orders tailored to specific customer needs with Service Order Management.

Transparent Process Execution

Transparent Process Execution

Gain visibility and traceability into process execution, ensuring every step of your service orders is monitored and recorded. Exercise control over tasks with the ability to pause, resume, restart, and stop them as needed, offering flexibility and agility in managing service processes.

Elasticsearch-Enhanced Indexing

Elasticsearch-Enhanced Indexing

Harness the power of Elastic search-based indexing for rapid access and efficient management of active service processes, enhancing overall system performance.

Persistent Storage and Traceability

Persistent Storage and Traceability

Secure persistent storage for individual service orders and their decompositions, ensuring comprehensive traceability and robust error recovery mechanisms are in place.

Flexible Communication Model

Flexible Communication Model

Utilize the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) model for communication within the Service Orchestration module, offering server independence and support for process and thread orientation with Service Order Management.

Order Validation and Resource Verification

Order Validation and Resource Verification

Improve cost-efficiency by validating orders, eliminating incorrect requests, and ensuring resources are available and correctly configured before confirming orders, reducing operational overhead and order jeopardy.

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