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Billing Mediation Platform is a powerful solution designed to streamline the complex process of collecting, processing, and managing Call Detail Records (CDRs) from various data sources within a telecommunications network. This platform serves as a critical link between data sources and the overall billing system. The Billing Mediation Platform acts as the backbone of an efficient billing system, allowing telecom operators to manage their data effectively and bill customers accurately.


Comprehensive Data Support

The Telecom Billing Solution offers comprehensive data support, accommodating real-time, near-real-time, offline, and scheduled data processing. This versatility ensures that data is processed according to specific business needs and timelines.

Extensive File Format Compatibility

It supports a wide range of file formats for data ingestion, including CSV, TXT, XLS, ASN.1, and ASCII. This broad compatibility simplifies the integration of various data sources into the mediation system.

Seamless Template Integration

The system features predefined templates and integration capabilities, streamlining the integration process. Users can easily integrate data from diverse sources while benefiting from standardized templates.


Efficient CDR Processing and Error Handling

The solution excels in Call Detail Record (CDR) processing, encompassing decoding, loading, and processing. Error handling is a core feature, ensuring that any discrepancies or anomalies in the data are efficiently managed and addressed. This end-to-end approach ensures that CDR data is accurately and efficiently managed within the system

Effective Data Aggregation

The Telecom Billing Solutions offers data aggregation functionality, facilitating both CDR aggregation and CDR stitching. This feature enables the consolidation of data for more comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Encoding and Distribution

The Convergent Billing includes encoding and distribution capabilities, enabling the transformation and efficient distribution of processed data to relevant destinations. This feature ensures that data is delivered to the right stakeholders in the appropriate format.


Industry-Standard Data Transfer Protocols

Industry-Standard Data Transfer Protocols

The solution is equipped with support for industry-standard data transfer protocols, ensuring seamless data retrieval and distribution of Call Detail Records (CDRs). This compatibility simplifies data exchange and enhances interoperability with existing systems.

Intuitive GUI and Configuration Management

Intuitive GUI and Configuration Management

Telecom Billing Solutions offers a user-friendly and flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) with advanced configuration management features. This allows users to easily customize and manage various functionalities as per their specific requirements.

Efficient Data Dumping and Enrichment

Efficient Data Dumping and Enrichment

An essential component of the mediation system, it efficiently dumps data into various internal tables within the BSS stack, including Billing and CDR History tables. Additionally, it enriches CDRs and distributes feeds to internal systems, ensuring data accuracy and completeness.

Support for Late Landing CDRs

Support for Late Landing CDRs

The mediation system provides support for the dumping of late-arriving CDRs into their respective partition tables. This capability ensures that no critical data is left unprocessed, maintaining data integrity.

Diverse CDR File Format Compatibility

Diverse CDR File Format Compatibility

The system accommodates various CDR file formats, such as INT, FLOAT, DOUBLE, BLOB, SHORT, LONG, ASCII, BCD, and more. This extensive format support enables seamless processing of diverse data sources.

Efficient Data Management and Accuracy

Efficient Data Management and Accuracy

Users can enhance data processing with flexible conditional parameters, tailoring the mediation system to meet specific requirements. Additionally, our system excels in duplicate detection, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your data by eliminating redundancy at both packet and CDR record levels.

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