Number Management System

Efficient and Optimized Number Management
Platform for Seamless Connectivity

The Number Management Platform revolutionizes the entire number lifecycle process, offering end-to-end support from number definition to distribution. It simplifies intricate tasks such as input and output file mapping with SIM suppliers, facilitating seamless SIM and number distribution while ensuring meticulous number selection.

This robust system allows for the effortless uploading of number series details through a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) and application programming interface (API), ensuring a user-friendly experience. Its batch processing capabilities empower authorized users to manage and process multiple numbers efficiently, optimizing workflows for greater productivity and accuracy.

By embracing the Number Management Platform, organizations can streamline and automate their number lifecycle management effortlessly. This platform’s intuitive design and batch processing capabilities enable swift and error-free management of number series details, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in managing vast numbers.

The solution caters to a comprehensive range of functionalities, from defining numbers to their distribution, making it a cornerstone solution for meticulous and streamlined number lifecycle management.


Efficient Number Definition

Effectively define and manage numbers within your inventory, ensuring accurate tracking and availability of resources through Number Management Platform.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Streamline the Number Management Platform inventory and suppliers, enhancing transparency and control over your resources.

Simplified Starter Kits

Number Management Platform offers starter kits seamlessly, enabling customers to access your services with ease and simplicity.


Intelligent Number Selection

Automate the number selection and provisioning process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both customers and your organization.

Automated Number Lifecycle

Implement automated number lifecycle management to optimize resource allocation and utilization, reducing operational overhead.

Diverse SIM Types

Support a variety of SIM types, accommodating the specific needs and preferences of your customer base with Number Management Platform.


Streamlined Number Lifecycle Management

Streamlined Number Lifecycle Management

The comprehensive number lifecycle management within the Number Management Platform offers an integrated approach that oversees number generation, utilization, and eventual archiving or deletion, ensuring not only optimal resource utilization but also compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Efficient SIM Bundling

Efficient SIM Bundling

Through its capability to bundle multiple SIM cards into unified packages, the Number Management Platform significantly improves operational efficiency by simplifying the process of distributing SIM cards. This feature not only streamlines SIM distribution but also enhances user convenience by offering bundled packages tailored to specific customer needs.

Premium Number Handling

Premium Number Handling

The platform's premium number handling functionality goes beyond mere categorization and reservation, offering advanced management options for number resources. This includes sophisticated management of premium number pools, ensuring a personalized and exclusive approach to managing valuable number resources for enhanced service delivery.

Support for Late Landing CDRs

Support for Late Landing CDRs

Integrate with external Mobile Number Portability (MNP) databases for efficient querying of ported numbers, ensuring that even these numbers are effectively managed within your inventory.

Seamless External Integration

Seamless External Integration

By seamlessly integrating with external Mobile Number Portability (MNP) databases, the Number Management Platform ensures comprehensive management of ported numbers within its inventory. This integration offers a holistic view of numbers, enabling efficient querying and management of even ported numbers.

Sustainable SIM Recycling

Sustainable SIM Recycling

The SIM recycling feature goes beyond waste reduction; it optimizes resource usage by allowing the reuse of SIM cards after subscriber termination or swaps. This sustainable approach aligns with environmental initiatives while effectively managing resources for continued service provisioning.

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