Unified Product Catalog

Empower Your Offerings with a Unified Product Catalog

Unified Product Catalogs (UPC) revolutionize the capabilities of CSPs, offering effortless creation, customization, and management of offerings. With its bi-directional features, UPC facilitates seamless interactions, allowing CSPs to effortlessly integrate it with our Digital BSS Suite through Open API standards. The detailed transaction logs generated by UPC serve as valuable data feeds into the Big Data Platform, enabling advanced analytics and insights.

This holistic approach maximizes efficiency, fosters innovation, and significantly amplifies customer satisfaction, positioning CSPs as pioneers in the telecom landscape.

This centralized and adaptive catalog empowers operators to gain a competitive edge in the market by swiftly adapting to evolving market trends and customer demands. Unified Product Catalogs streamline operations, enabling CSPs to remain agile and responsive in the dynamic telecommunications environment.

The agility afforded by UPC ensures that operators are consistently ahead of the competition, providing them with the flexibility to innovate, diversify, and cater to the ever-evolving needs of their customer base.


Efficient Product Management

Unified Product Catalog simplifies product creation and management. It adheres to TM Forum standards, ensuring compatibility and alignment with industry practices.

Flexible Bundling and Rules

Easily bundle products and define rules for product eligibility. This flexibility allows for the creation of diverse and attractive product offerings.

Dynamic Pricing and Segmentation

Define pricing structures and product segments that cater to various customer needs and preferences. This adaptability ensures market competitiveness.

SLA Configuration and Lifecycle Management

Streamline product lifecycle management with SLA configuration. Maintain product versions and ensure adherence to service level agreements.

Seamless Integration

Utilize API-based product uploading to facilitate efficient data transfer and integration with other systems. Enterprise Product Catalog for Telecoms  enhances operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Logging and Auditing

Unified Product Catalog offers robust logging and audit trail capabilities, providing visibility into product-related activities and ensuring compliance with regulations.


Agile Product Management

Agile Product Management

Streamline your product management by decoupling commercial and technical views, and fostering a collaborative environment between business, IT, and network engineering teams. This approach ensures efficient alignment, enabling swift responses to market demands and dynamic changes.

Modular and Flexible Product Models

Modular and Flexible Product Models

The Unified Product Catalog's architecture enables the creation of reusable, modular product models, simplifying opportunity management, quotations, and sales order processes. This flexibility ensures adaptability to evolving business needs and customer demands, enhancing overall agility.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

This catalog's unique architecture allows for agile and dynamic adjustments in pricing models without disrupting associated product structures, facilitating responsive reactions to market fluctuations and competitive changes.

Effortless Decomposition

Effortless Decomposition

Products within the Unified Product Catalog can be effortlessly decomposed into individual services, streamlining the realization and implementation of intricate product offerings while ensuring scalability and efficiency.

Synchronization with External Platforms

Synchronization with External Platforms

Seamlessly synchronize product definitions and changes with external platforms, ensuring uniformity in rating, discounts, campaigns, negotiated prices, and pricing logic management across multiple systems and interfaces.

Unified Product View

Unified Product View

The Unified Product Catalog establishes a single, universally accepted view of products, bridging the gap between business, IT, and network engineering. This unified perspective fosters collaboration in product development and management, enhancing coherence and efficiency across the organization.

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