In the dynamic landscape of enterprise operations, 6D Technologies plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing business processes and driving digital transformation. The Telco Enterprise Platform, an integral part of 6D Technologies’ comprehensive suite of solutions, is designed to address the specific challenges that enterprises across various sectors face in adapting to rapidly changing market dynamics, customer expectations, and technology advancements.

Telco Enterprise Platform platform serves as a catalyst for seamless and secure communications within and beyond business operations, promoting efficient collaboration and connectivity. Our solutions are designed to help businesses improve their communication and collaboration, streamline their operations, and reduce costs.

Our B2B and B2B2X approach, an acronym for ‘Business-to-Business’ and ‘Business-to-Business-to-Anything,’ presents a strategic avenue for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises to diversify their service portfolios, transcending traditional consumer markets. It involves establishing partnerships with businesses across various industries and facilitating the delivery of a wide array of services and solutions to end-users and customers.

By offering scalable and customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business, 6D Technologies’ solutions including IoT/M2M platform, Digital BSS, AI-powered solutions, and more, empower businesses to achieve operational excellence. 

Why 6D Technologies for Enterprises?


Drive Digital Transformation with Digital BSS​

In the telecommunication industry, Digital BSS for Telecom streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences by enabling more efficient billing, provisioning, and service management. This propels telecom providers into the digital age, promoting transparency, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction. Implementing digital BSS for enterprises can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. It can also enable companies to adapt to changing market conditions and innovate more quickly.

Internet of Things

The IoT/M2M Connectivity Management Platform for enterprises include real-time monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and supply chain optimization. This opens up new revenue streams and fosters innovation in the connectivity space with real-time device, SIM and data analytics. The IoT/M2M Connectivity Management Platform allows for the exchange of data, information, SIM management and commands between machines, leading to improved efficiency, automation, and decision-making within an enterprise.

CVM and Analytics

CVM and Analytics solutions empower telecoms with data-driven insights, optimizing customer engagement and network performance. They enable personalized marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience, fostering customer loyalty and business growth. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, enterprises can gain insights into customer lifetime value, churn prediction, cross-selling opportunities, and more.

Sales and Distribution

6D Technologies’ Sales and Distribution solutions play a pivotal role in expanding market reach and customer acquisition for telecom providers. These solutions are essential for increasing the telecom provider’s footprint, tapping into new customer segments, and boosting revenue.



Infinity IoT M2M Platform

Infinity, a complete IoT and M2M Connectivity Management platform, powered by 6D Technologies, provides end-to-end visibility and control of your IoT assets.