6D Technologies Exhibits at DTW Asia 2023

Bangalore, February 2023 – Continuing the high spirit of technology and innovation this year, 6D Technologies is delighted to announce its participation in the Digital Transformation World (DTW) Asia exhibition and conference 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. Integrating Intelligent solutions with sustainable ideas, DTW Asia is going to be “The Connectivity Stage for Telcos” this year. With participation from all over the world, 6D Technologies is ready to channel all its leaders to break conversation in transformative thinking at stand #34 from March 14th -16th in Bangkok.

DTW Asia with themes revolving around Big Data, Monetization, Customer Centric Processes, and Technology with Telecom, this space for CSPs will take the conversation about connectivity one step further. DTW 2023 will display the amalgamation of leaders, ideas, and technology to change our view of telecom in the future.

Nikhil Paul, CTIO of 6D Technologies says, “Digital Transformation is at the forefront of sustainable solutions for the future. Driving growth and agility, we are set to share how CSPs can take complete control of their Digital Transformation journey by leveraging AI and IT. We are excited about DTW Asia where we can bring forward our disruptive products through collaboration and leaders across the world.”

One of the most anticipated exhibitions of the Telecom Industry is here and 6D is geared up to connect with people, create a partnership and collaborate through conversations. Though speakers pooling in their ideas together, DTW 2023 will accelerate Digital Transformation in the future like no other with head-to-head on topics like:

Big Data Automation:

Automation and AI have become prerequisites for an efficient network that can deliver an agile and dynamic solution that marks a USP for CSPs. Low latency networks like 5G are taking center stage to build and manage value across businesses.

Monetizing Data and Consumer Services:

Next Generation solutions are integrating connectivity, collaboration, and management platforms to leverage data to become market leaders. Liberating revenue sources by niche and targeted marketing will ensure the growth of market share.

Making Process Customer-Centric:

Making business operations customer-centric creates a sense of value among users to reduce turnover while having a positive impact on the public. Integrating this approach can strategically improve revenues while increasing profitability for the business.

Syncing Technology and Telecom:

Technology and Telcos are becoming inseparable as the days go by. This will enable processes to build systems that have differentiated products and services. The advantage of AI, cloud architecture, and creating competitive experiences is what technology is bound to do to the industry.

About TM Forum

The Digital Transformation World (DTW) organized by TM Forum is a highly engaging conference held to collaborate and co-create in person. DTW Asia is the leading connectivity exhibit that generates collaboration and innovation together. With the current fierce competition, dynamic environment, and scalable ecosystems, TM Forum helps CSPs to grow digitally. Exhibiting a collaborative event creates a sea of opportunities for CSPs to transform their businesses with visionaries and innovators from all over the world. Leveraging current advancements and partnerships, TM Forum capitalizes on opportunities globally.

About 6D Technologies:

6D Technologies empowers customers and partners to drive growth and transform to create efficiency through their enterprise lifecycle. These innovative solutions help CSPs meet their goals and strategies, enabling them to evolve into digital systems for a smarter and faster tomorrow. 6D helps CSPs modernize experiences with the best technologies through IoT, Big Data Analytics, 5G, Cloud Computing, Digital BSS, and much more. 6D provides the right tools CSPs need to automate their processes to stay a step ahead of the curve.