your vision of Digital Transformation

With 5G ready all-in-one Billing Suite

Communications business is continuously evolving to ‘compete’ as well as ‘partner’ with the Non-Telco world. Right from Customer Engagement to Backend Business Processes, every aspect is looked at, from the lens of Automation and AI. Digital Transformation is in play for many types of Telcos, some who are moving away from being just a Communications services provider to a Digital Services Provider offering bundled OTT B2C & B2B subscriptions, and to others who are entering into the world of enabling Smart City and IOT businesses. Pushing transformation focus from being Functionality Centric to Customer Journey Centric. 6D Canvas is the solution that brings the entire Digital Journeys, AI based contextual Engagements, Advanced Billing, eShop experience and Gamification all in one box for a turnkey Digital Transformation.


5G Ready


Cloud Native - Microservices enabled Architecture


TMF and SID Compliant

  • Ready to Scale-on-demand with Cloud Native Architecture
  • Pre-built customer journeys & Business Processes for Faster GTM
  • Swagger OpenAPI 3.0 and TMF OpenAPI for seamless integrations
  • 100% Digital Inclusion with Progressive Web Apps based Selfcare
  • 5G Billing for Network Slices & Smart City Use cases
  • Customer Experience

  • Business & Revenue Advantage


    Extendable data model support for enabling SmartCity Services Billing

  • Technology of Future

  • Operational Efficiency & Cost saving


    Make your Digital Transformation Customer Centric & Contextual Every Time

  • Speed To Market

  • Complete Modular Architecture with Plug-and-Play modules - Integrated
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    Product Catalog
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    Case Management
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    Inventory and Number Management


Advanced Multi-play Commercial Product Catalog Retail, Wholesale, Enterprise, OTT

Standardized Customer’s End to End order journey with catalog driven Customer Order Manager

Digital Customer 360 gives a single-pane-of-glass experience for the complete view of customer profile, orders, payments, contact history & tickets

Low-code Customer Order Management with eTOM based process management and Automated Jeopardy & Fallout handling

Digital Subscriptions Management for all kinds of One-time & Recurring Subscription services including Telco and Non-Telco OTT service subscriptions

Integrated Sales Lead with CPQ for Lead2Quote2Customer journey management

Real time any channel personalization with Advanced Analytics based engagements

Paperless & digitalized customer onboarding with Computer Vision Enabled eKYC

Digital Sales Portal for Product Discovery, Add to Cart, Signup Pay, Ship/Pickup, Review, Return and Support

Convergent Rating & Billing Engine serves Retail, Wholesale and Enterprise services across Cellular, Fixedline & Broadband lines of business

Advanced Data Lake including low-code based data flow and Complex event processing for complete IT Data management

Inbuilt Analytics Engine with pre-canned analytical models and Data scientist tools for managing & creating new ML models

Selfcare Web and App

Inbuilt Digital Marketing capability for AI powered Realtime recommendations, Multi Channel campaigns and response analytics

Inbuilt Games for Customer Engagement Gamification

TMForum TAM & SID aligned product architecture

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