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Deliver secure and seamless experiences with
Digital Payments and Banking

Digital Financial Solution

Aureus Fintech Suite has a comprehensive product portfolio designed & developed using industry leading technologies which unlocks new revenue opportunities for Telecom Operators, Financial Institutions, Banks, Merchants, Enterprises and empowers their customers to handle payments digitally anytime & anywhere. Centered around the Digital Wallet, an array of use-cases like Digital Self-Onboarding, Agency Banking, Transfers, Merchant Payments, Personal Financial Management, Shared Wallet, Utility Payments, Micro Loans, Micro Savings, International Remittance and many more. Platform designed with Omni-Channel principles and empowers the customers to access their accounts from any channel, availing money & banking services 24X7.

Experience Lifestyle Banking: Engage with customers using WhatsApp, Facebook, and Alexa through an AI-powered conversational banking platformwith Facebook,
WhatsApp and Alexa

Mobile Money

Help your customers manage their finances through extremely visual and insightful Personal Finance Management

Digital Wallet

Allow Families to share a Common Digital Wallet that enables parents to empower their kids in a responsible way through Parental Controls on expenses

Conversational Banking

Gamify every customer journey to increase engagement, customer experience and your revenues



Omni-Channel Experience


Rapid onboarding of new customers through AI driven Digital Registration


Open & secure platform designed to create your customer’s go-to wallet to pay for various purchases during the day


Drive Financial Inclusion through extension of Banking & AI driven Credit facilities to the unbanked


Allow your customers to save money and achieve financial goals through creation of Piggy Banks/Saving Pots


Let your customers split and settle their restaurant bills digitally with complete audit trail

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