How IoT And Telecom Are Accelerating Business Growth?

IoT and Telecom are Accelerating Business Growth

Telecom businesses have been at the forefront of adopting the Internet of Things since they are one of the most technologically advanced sectors having access to contemporary connection infrastructures and technical skills. One common question is how IoT and telecom are accelerating business growth or simply how IoT impacts the telecom industry. The use of IoT solutions for CSPs provides consistent quality of service to clients while also making business operations more efficient and easy.

According to forecasts, the number of cellular IoT devices linked to the Internet will reach 4.1 billion by 2024, accounting for approximately 20% of all worldwide IoT connections. This means that a telecom IoT platform will offer ample opportunities for telecom operators. 

New telecom business opportunities with IoT that define how IoT and telecom are accelerating business growth

Telecoms may expand their service offering into domains such as smart retail, logistics, smart cities, manufacturing, intelligent homes, cars, and asset monitoring, among others, by utilizing a wide range of IoT-enabled device capabilities.

To provide sufficient IoT solutions for such purposes, telecom companies have to develop IoT platforms that allow customers to link their centralized control and operate IoT solutions for telecom and end-point devices. The platform’s design should be open and flexible, with dependable APIs across modules.

Telcos can capitalize on the potential presented by huge ecosystems of linked gadgets and people by allowing smooth communication between them by leveraging IoT technologies. Many communication service providers have already begun developing IoT-based services and products to meet the needs of customers.

Major use cases of IoT platforms for CSPs

The answer to how IoT and telecom are accelerating business growth lies in the way IoT solutions for CSPs are being used. Let’s discuss the top IoT use cases in telecom.

Data Analytics

When it comes to how IoT impacts the telecom industry, data analytics is right at the forefront. 

Telecom companies will have access to vast amounts of vital information via. telecom IoT platform. This enables the creation of database pools that telcos may employ to analyze data and derive relevant business insights. This IoT-generated data enables business executives to better understand customer usage trends. As a result, it is now feasible to create predictive models that will allow telecom operators to forecast and profit from impending market developments.

Data storage and management

Another possibility for telecom companies is to store and handle data collected from clients’ IoT devices. In this situation, the client runs a business application to access the required data on a centralized platform, while the service provider handles backend procedures such as storing the information, sorting, filtering, and so on.

Connectivity services

The most basic IoT deployment option for telecom companies is to provide connectivity services to subscribers who own IoT devices. Moreover, the top CSPs also provide M2M connectivity by implementing IoT in the network to build an ecosystem of well-connected devices. Although data produced by M2M and IoT devices is stored and processed on the client side, CSPs provide an M2M connectivity platform for managing devices and improving the efficiency of connecting the customer’s infrastructure to the telecom network.

PaaS and SaaS solutions

PaaS and SaaS solutions to customers are new telecom business opportunities with IoT solutions for CSPs. Platform as a service (PaaS) is another revenue-generating alternative for telecom businesses. They may provide their clients with cloud-based IoT platforms that include a variety of tools, allowing them to design solutions on their own. Customers benefit from this service since they may access the resources and infrastructure without worrying about administration and maintenance.

Additionally, telecom operators can provide software as a service (SaaS) applications tailored to specific industries such as healthcare, logistics, etc. with one of the best IoT solutions for telecom.

Asset monitoring

Asset monitoring is a great way to accelerate business growth with Internet of Things in telecom. IoT sensors can detect asset location and mobility in real-time, allowing companies to improve asset use and decrease theft. This is where CSPs can help by gathering signals from built-in sensors and sending them to industry-specific applications, they can monitor asset movements via their extended networks for communication and cloud computing.

Smart cities and homes

The importance of telecommunications in smart homes and smart city technologies can not be overlooked. 5G, IoT, and a big data analytics solution are at the heart of their deployment. By evaluating data on traffic patterns, air quality, and emergency response times, IoT data analytics may be utilized to improve urban planning, traffic control, and public safety.

By evaluating usage patterns, shutting off lights, or regulating temperatures when the house is empty, IoT data can assist optimize home energy consumption.


Security is critical when considering the expense of equipment in distant locations. IoT-based cameras with sensors become the best solution for physical security. This is because they can keep track of potential risks and automatically send warning notifications. They will notify the right officials in real time if they discover any on-site manipulations or breaches. 

Telecom companies may provide whole new offerings to their clients by implementing customer value management software, which also manages massive volumes of data, significantly strengthening their market position.

Consolidated IoT Platforms for CSPs Define New Success Milestones

Without any doubt, there are many ways that define how IoT impacts the telecom industry. There are many benefits of IoT in telecom. Network service providers need to facilitate communication between people and gadgets as an outcome of the Internet of Things. To monetize IoT solutions for CSPs, telecom providers must develop new services and apps.

Adopting models such as SaaS and PaaS will aid in the improvement of business processes and the delivery of better services to customers. As a telecom firm, you should identify and prioritize the telecom IoT platform that will benefit you the most. Keeping in mind how IoT and telecom are accelerating business growth, it is important for CSPs to create a comprehensive strategy for capitalizing on. Otherwise, they risk losing to rivals in their efforts to gain more market share. 

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