How Does VAS Consolidation Solutions Improve Operational Performance?

Unified VAS Consolidation Solutions Improve Operational Performance

Communication service providers (CSPs) face fierce competition in the expanding telecom sector. Unified VAS Consolidated Platforms aggregate different services in a fully optimized configuration, providing a single integration point into the mobile operator’s network and core network functions of operations and maintenance, customer support and billing, reporting, and administration. The unified VAS consolidation platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of the CSPs. 

How does Unified VAS Consolidation Platform Optimize Efficiency for CSPs?

As a CSP, consolidating your infrastructure and integrating everything under one roof offers immense advantages. It is considerably simpler and more efficient to oversee your assets from one system, which makes customer service a lot more seamless.

Faster time-to-market

The VAS Consolidation Platform allows for speedy and low-cost implementation. The platform consolidates integration efforts for numerous services into one location.

Optimized service and higher revenues

VAS consolidation solutions permit computerized probes to assess service performance preemptively, ensuring maximum quality of service for end users while optimizing the service provider’s revenue generation capability.

Significant cost reductions and improved operational performance

A single VAS platform enhances legacy system performance and prepares the road for all-IP core network migration, resulting in substantial operational expenditure reductions. 

Everything under a single roof

Begin utilizing numerous VAS services through a single platform. Reduce OPEX by eliminating dedicated servers for each application in favor of efficient virtual servers, which require less maintenance.

Eliminates complexity and minimizes hassles

VAS platforms for CSPs quickly decrease the degree of complexity of the CSP’s systems, easing the strain on employee resources, training, and resource redundancy.

A unified VAS consolidation platform is a vital component of every CSP’s profitability improvement plan. In order to stay competitive with VAS offerings to customers, VAS platforms for CSPs are indispensable.  Simplifying and integrating all apps while reducing network architectural complexity is the main role of VAS consolidation platforms. From driving revenue generation and optimizing efficiency, VAS platforms for CSPs offer numerous advantages. With the implementation of unified VAS consolidation platforms, CSPs have been able to drastically lower operational expenses (OPEX).

Future Proof Your VAS Services

There are several VAS consolidation platforms available in the market. One such unified VAS platform that stands out and is future-proof is Lynx. In today’s age of digital transformation and revolution,  Lynx helps protect the profitability of mobile VAS being offered to customers by CSPs. Lynx’s architecture is particularly intended for virtualized deployment. It is well-suited to provide CPSs with fully integrated solutions for Value-Added Services (VAS). 

All NFV-ready modules are deployed on a uniform software platform and managed through an integrated operations panel. It greatly reduces CapEx and OpEx for CSPs, optimizes operations and maintenance efforts, and significantly improves the time to market for new services by exposing lightweight APIs for varied functionalities. It reduces the complexity of several nodes and acts as a Single Point of Service Management for CSPs. CSPs would be able to use Lynx to leverage the increasing number of mobile users throughout the world and efficiently create new marketing tactics to positively impact their market standing against rivals.