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The Notifications Gateway is a robust and centralized communication system that seamlessly integrates with Communication Service Providers’ email and SMSC servers to deliver notifications to end subscribers. This powerful system allows for the widespread dissemination of notifications tailored to product and service behavior throughout the customer lifecycle. These notifications can be precisely configured based on various criteria, including reaching credit limits, service activation or deactivation, changes in service class, service renewal alerts, rate plan modifications, service expirations, and more. Notifications Gateways versatile and dynamic platform ensures that customers receive timely and relevant notifications, enhancing their overall experience.


Versatile Multi-Adaptor Support

The Notifications Gateway offers versatile multi-adaptor support, allowing seamless integration with various communication service providers. This ensures compatibility and efficient message delivery across multiple platforms.

Efficient Keyword & Short Code Routing

Organizations can benefit from efficient keyword and short code-based routing capabilities. This feature enables messages to be directed based on specific keywords or short codes, optimizing message delivery.

Streamlined Keyword to Token Management

The Notifications Gateway streamlines keywords to token management for third-party interactions. This ensures effective communication and data exchange between systems, enhancing interoperability.


Dynamic Thread Optimization

The system offers dynamic thread management, allowing for the real-time adjustment of parallel threads. This dynamic optimization enhances system performance and responsiveness, ensuring efficient message processing.

Adaptive Queue Management

Dynamic queue management is a key feature of the Notification Gateway. It enables the system to adapt to changing workloads and priorities, ensuring smooth message handling and minimizing delays.

Support for Push Notifications

The Notifications Gateway supports push notifications, enabling organizations to deliver timely and relevant messages to end subscribers. This feature enhances customer engagement and ensures important updates reach their intended recipients.


Efficient API Integration

Efficient API Integration

The Notifications Gateway offers seamless integration with third-party platforms, enabling messages to be sent using specific APIs. This ensures compatibility and ease of communication with various systems and channels.

Advanced Message Matching

Advanced Message Matching

The system provides advanced message matching capabilities by allowing single messages to be matched to a push token based on metadata values. This includes dynamic parameters, Notification IDs, and MSISDN lists, enhancing message personalization.

Real-time Decision Making

Real-time Decision Making

The Notifications Gateway empowers organizations to make real-time decisions regarding message delivery through digital front-end channels. This feature ensures timely and effective communication with customers.

Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

Do-Not-Disturb Functionality

The system includes the capability to incorporate a Do-Not-Disturb functionality or database, allowing customers to control their communication preferences. This ensures compliance with customer preferences and regulatory requirements.

Scheduled Messaging

Scheduled Messaging

Organizations can leverage the Notifications Gateway for time-based messaging, enabling messages to be delivered at specific times or intervals. This feature enhances message relevance and timeliness.

Intuitive Message Configuration

Intuitive Message Configuration

The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for configuring message templates across enabled channels. This simplifies the process of creating and managing message templates.



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