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Mobile wallet solutions are a versatile digital tool that securely stores payment data like credit card or bank details, revolutionizing the way people manage their finances. With Mobile wallet solutions, users can effortlessly make contactless purchases in physical stores, shop online, and conduct peer-to-peer money transfers. This digital solution offers the flexibility to load money into the wallet or link it directly to an individual’s bank account, simplifying financial transactions. By eliminating the necessity for physical currency or cards, 6D Mobile Wallets enhance financial convenience, making transactions more accessible and efficient. Whether it’s for quick in-store payments or seamless online shopping, our mobile wallet is your trusted digital companion.

Mobile Wallet Features

Shared Wallet / Family Wallet

To make managing wallet accounts easier, platform enables family members to share an electronic wallet. The ability for parents to share their wallets with their kids and to set transactional limitations makes it possible to implement parental control. The merchant that a child can use to make a purchase can also be specified by parents, giving them full control over the wallet account.

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

The Mobile wallet, coupled with the recommendation engine, learn from the user’s purchasing history and offer a graphic-based budget summary, as well as the ability to let the user add a payment regularly. Instead of keeping a journal or a cost log on smartphones and laptops, this application enables users to plan while keeping in mind the past budget.

Saving Pots

The Mobile wallet platform’s micro-savings function aims to give Wallet users a personal Digital Piggy Bank where they may safely save tiny savings regularly to have money on hand for future large expenses. Customers can also instantly move money from their wallet to their savings sub-wallet. The platform allows users to host business rules to control how money is used from Savings Sub-wallets.

Share Bills

Mobile Wallet makes it easy to share the bills with your pals. The MSISDN of the people we must split the cost with is also provided, along with the option for the subscriber to split equally or separately. Friends are informed, and they have the option to make an instant payment using one touch payment.

International Remittance

Millions of individuals around the world rely on international remittance as a lifeline since it allows for cross-border financial assistance and promotes economic resilience. The technical interface provided by the Mobile Wallet platform enables customers to send remittance instructions to MTOs for the transfer of financial value from source to destination.

Bill Payments (Utility Payment)

Platforms can use their APIs or expose theirs to integrate with current utility providers. Electricity, water, TV, and other utilities are traditional utility suppliers. Bill payment through a mobile wallet has enabled customers to pay the bill from their place of work, saving both time and money. For certain purchases, auto payment or recurring payments may also be enabled.

Mobile Wallet Benefits

Simple Access

Simple Access

Mobile wallet solutions allow users to keep all of their payment cards (credit, debit, and loyalty cards) in one place, making it easier to access and manage their financial information. Payments can be made with a single tap or scan, removing the need to carry cash or credit cards.



Mobile wallet solutions use encryption technology to protect sensitive data, making them more secure than carrying traditional cards that can be lost or stolen. Biometric authentication solutions, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, are available in Mobile wallet solutions, boosting security.

Budgeting and Keeping Track of Expenses

Budgeting and Keeping Track of Expenses

Mobile wallet solutions frequently include tools that allow users to establish spending limits, track expenses, and analyze spending patterns, allowing them to better manage their finances.

Integration with Other Services

Integration with Other Services

Mobile wallet solutions support person-to-person (P2P) payments, making it simple to send money to friends and family. Mobile wallets can be used to make online purchases, speeding up the checkout process.

Programs and Rewards for Loyalty

Programs and Rewards for Loyalty

Mobile wallet solutions can be integrated with loyalty programs and provide rewards for using the wallet to make payments, thereby increasing consumer loyalty. We have Loyalty and Gamification modules that can be combined with a Mobile wallet. We give you with a loyalty and gamification engine that allows you to operate multiple loyalty programs and games.

Simple and Quick Self-Registration

Simple and Quick Self-Registration

Users find the straightforward self-registration process convenient, which encourages them to utilize it without hesitation. The self-registration process typically consists of registering for it and uploading the required documents through an OCR scan, setting up credentials, and connecting to a bank account, debit card, or other payment method as necessary.

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