6D Technologies Partners with BlueSky for Digital Transformation Initiatives

Barcelona, February 2023 – Continuing the spirit of partnership in 2023, 6D Technologies brings forth yet another collaboration with Bluesky Communications, one of the leading Telcos of American Samoa. With digital transformation taking the forefront, Bluesky’s market and 6D’s intelligent solutions will create a dynamic ecosystem of transformation in the future.

Delighted with this collaboration, Abhilash Sadanandan, CEO of 6D Technologies said, “With the rapid digital transformation and reengineering approach with our telecom solutions, we are delighted to be partnering with Bluesky. Our record of consumer success with personalized, digital solutions will continue to be at the forefront of innovation with our partnership. 6D Technologies is honored to be a part of this alliance that will create a promising impact for the coming years in the island nation.”

This will be the best case of digital transformation in American Samoa with a complete Telco-in-a-box, and Bluesky and 6D Technologies will be able to deploy the right solution, in the right market, for the right users across all channels. Shifting to fully digital business operations, Bluesky can orchestrate faster, more efficient, and more reliable deployment of tools that can manage larger networks. Complimenting Bluesky’s users, 6D Technologies will position its smart products to strengthen consumer share.

The multi-play Digital Business Support System enabled the unification of all services under one umbrella coupled with advanced campaigns and offers. Transforming sales and distribution channels helped Bluesky with greater control of the market inventory and optimal utilization of the resources. The entire solution of “Telco-in-a-Box” is well suited for CSPs who need a one-stop solution suite.

Riding the Digital Transformation wave, Bluesky partners with 6D for enabling the end-to-end transformation of an Island nation. Bringing the latest technology and innovation, 6D has been providing our future-ready digital solutions that fit the diverse needs of CSPs in the Caribbean. The partnership created the dominance of Bluesky in American Samoa and will take the nation to the future.

This partnership is a stage to exhibit 6D Technologies innovations with Bluesky’s vision to provide its users with the highest level of telecommunication services. Deploying agile and contemporary solutions will further create a boost of efficiency in network operations by accelerating growth throughout the entire business. Demonstrating strength in partnership, conglomerating with the market leader of CSPs, we are set to tone the future of telecom.


About Bluesky:

Bluesky is a leading Telecommunication and network service provider in the United States Territories of American Samoa. Having a store core of quality and customer satisfaction, Blue Sky has been in operation since 1999. As a leading provider, its services range from Hardware devices to network solutions for a wide range of consumers.

About 6D Technologies:

6D Technologies is a leading provider of telecom solutions to CSPs globally in over 80 countries. With a range of flagship solutions in the Telecom space, 6D Technologies is reinventing processes for telcos that sets them apart from the market. Our strength arises from aligning customers as our base by innovating experiences through sustainable solutions. 6D Technologies is the buttress for CSPs to create a comprehensive model for all things Telecom.