6D Technologies Receives the 2022 IoT Platforms Leadership Award

Bengaluru, India, Dec. 2022 – 6D Technologies is delighted to announce that Infinity, a complete IoT and M2M Connectivity Management Platform, received the IoT Leadership Award from IoT Evolution Magazine, a renowned IoT Technology digital media publisher.

The award honors organizations delivering technology solutions that enable the advancement of the Internet of Things and the building industry. Infinity, a comprehensive IoT / M2M Connectivity Management Platform, offers Telcos and Enterprises to manage their IoT assets remotely, ensuring the deployment is always secure, cost-efficient, and generates valuable data. The solution provides advanced automation that enables 24×7 monitoring of assets and their behavior to keep costs and uptime of connected things under control for enterprises. Infinity also offers complete control over SIMs by customizing features, therefore enabling cost optimization and operational efficiency.

Some of the key modules of this solution include Connectivity Management (Enterprise and Partner Management, Portal Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, SIM Lifecycle Management, and Digital API Gateway), M2M Device Management (Device Management, Rule Engine, and Policy Control), Billing and Subscription Management (Product Catalog, Billing and Invoicing, Online Rating and Charging Subscription Management, and Mediation), URL Filtering, Predictive Maintenance, Enterprise Communication with AAA, IoT Middleware, and Analytics and Reporting.

“We express our ultimate delight to announce that our IoT / M2M Connectivity Management Platform ‘Infinity’ received the 2022 IoT Platforms Leadership Award. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase how we have been helping different enterprises from Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) adapt to newer technologies by enabling IoT innovation in connected areas such as smart homes, connected cars, smart parking, smart billing, and more. We look forward to thriving and growing CSPs’ businesses with our smart IoT solution.” expresses Abhilash Sadanandan, Chief Executive Officer, of 6D Technologies.

“It is my pleasure to recognize Infinity, an innovative solution that earned 6D Technologies the 2022 IoT Evolution IoT Platforms Leadership Award. I look forward to seeing more innovation from 6D Technologies in the future,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC.

About 6D Technologies

6D Technologies strive to innovate state-of-the-art solutions for telecom and fintech enterprises. The company aims at implementing ideas for restructuring experiences with the benefit of the latest technologies like IoT, Big Data Analytics, 5G, Cloud Computing, and much more. At 6D, we keep client satisfaction our main focus by adapting the latest innovations to usher monetization through automation.

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