6D Achieves Gold Status for TM Forum Open API Conformance 2023

Bengaluru, January 2023 – 6D Technologies is excited to announce that it has reached the Gold level in the TM Forum’s Open API Conformance Certification program. This has been a key milestone for the company adding to its true core of customer commitment and delivering state-of-the-art telecom solutions under the industry standards recognized by TM Forum.



The Gold status ensures that the solutions delivered are of the highest quality and provide flexibility in a dynamic environment based on cost and service architectures. These Open APIs are developed collaboratively across complex systems. The APIs ensure a packed view of customer experience built on high industry benchmarks and the advancement of every product. Through TM Forum, 6D Technologies has committed to designing products that demonstrate true technological evolutions. 6D’s Digital BSS Suite Canvas, including other modules like Billing Solution, Customer Order Management, and Product Catalog has equipped CSPs with the right tools to deploy smart solutions for operational growth.



Here’s a list of the key Gold Status Certifications of Open API Conformance Certification program:


TMF620 – Product Catalog Management

TMF622 – Product Ordering Management

TMF629 – Customer Management

TMF632 – Party Management

TMF637 – Product Inventory Management

TMF641 – Service Order Management

TMF648 – Quote Management

TMF666 – Account Management

TMF670 – Payment Management

TMF676 – Payment Management

TMF678 – Customer Bill Management




6D Technologies‘ core believes in achieving cutting-edge solutions for CSPs/Telecom Enterprises. The organization aims at delivering innovation keeping modernity at the forefront. 6D’s Canvas is a complete Digital BSS suite that comprises all activities from billing to monetization management for CSPs. It offers value by providing a guided path for networks to ensure business continuity. When systems today are shifting to a more modern approach, Canvas allows systems to adapt to contemporary architecture by offering services in B2B, B2C,5G, and IoT by making the approach more customer-centric.


Providing the best customer experience 6D Technologies CEO, Abhilash Sadanandan says “We are honored to have received the Gold badge in this conformance. By espousing this, 6D will continue to drive transformations through business agility. This recognition is a true witness to our endeavor in accelerating our clients by making processes more efficient by implementing solutions with a higher ROI. It will help expedite our journey and stay competitive in the Industry.”





About 6D Technologies


6D Technologies empower its customers with innovative solutions and digital engagement support telecom and fintech enterprises through their lifecycle. The organization’s goals are aligned with implementing convergent and flexible products. 6D aims at implementing ideas for restructuring experiences with the benefit of future-ready technologies like IoT, Big Data Analytics, 5G, Cloud Computing, Digital BSS, and much more. Our structure provides the support needed for CSPs to provide a single platform for all requirements to achieve business growth.





About TM Forum:

TM Forum helps CSPs and operators prosper in the digital era. By dispensing an open and collaborative platform, TM Forum enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Their Open APIs are a benchmark of industry strength and design patterns. It allows businesses to capitalize on opportunities in the global environment.