Enable AI-Powered Network Analytics for Customer Management

AI-Powered Network Analytics for top-notch Customer Experience Management

Network Analytics might have all the answers when it comes to staying ahead of the curve in the market competition by delivering top-notch Customer Experience Management. Network Analytics accumulates data from different data centers and creates a pattern through them. The biggest challenge for CSPs today is presenting information most suitable to represent consumer behavior for operations to structure network operations around them.

CSPs have been generating meaningful data collected from devices. For example, telecom operators generate diagnostic data across different applications and equipment through their networks. It becomes a challenge when the data is generated across multiple devices with many formats and languages.

At this stage, a hurdle that every CSP comes across is the translation of these data sets into actionable insights for the business to monitor and improve its performance. Data in some scenarios can also be sensitive and are prevented from being shared within the webwork. In this case, tools like Extract Transform Load (ETL) and Extract Load Transform (ELT) for telecom operators allow the business to innovate and deploy strategies with the information. The tools integrate data from multiple sources into a targeted data warehouse consistently.

The Network Analytics market is expected to register a CAGR of 20.12% over the period of 2022 to 2028, owing to the increasing need for autonomous and self-managing networks. With the increase in 5G networking, Smartphone penetration will now generate an extensive wave of data traffic. The low latency, Speed, and Efficiency of this network will create great support among devices. The swift expansion of big data Analytics is reflecting the infrastructure development of solutions like IoT, AI, Cloud, and Machine learning.

CX is Profitable and Network Analytics is the Key

This type of analytics allows steady and reliable CX (Customer Experience) Management by combining data across all platforms. Delivering excellent customer experience with customer value management software or similar tools is necessary. It allows behavior detection and characteristic matching to create new instructions for machines to improve their algorithms. This data and analytics draw a repeated pattern to use the data insights to build new infrastructure including new traffic, user behavior, and theft. Leveraging this through analytics can generate lots of potential in real time.

It becomes critical for CSPs to have technologies that gather these data from various sources to create generalship through automation. These fundamental components of the solution can now provide an ecosystem to collect and store diverse information to draw judgments based upon decision-making machines that acquire them through data lakes for CX. Network Analytics can make predictive and preventive analytics prescribe courses of action and solutions to cater to specific organizational needs.

Looking at Network Analytics through 5G

CSPs have the algorithms to detect activity and provide guidance to their consumers with data analytics. Creating Visibility, Solution, and Insights and storing data with repositories allows information sharing across devices with high-speed networks. It becomes important to have speed and latency to deliver such information on a timely basis.

By applying M2M and predictive analytics, CSPs can have a complete picture of how high-speed networks like 5G can perform to generate better decision-making around actionable data. This allows Telcos to streamline their actions into strategizing through the insights generated by their networks.

With 5G, CSPs can build automation to audit network activities to detect any anomalies to prevent and predict failure that could lead to deterioration of the service quality. It enables monetization of the collected data to reflect in building improved services off their benchmark. Network Analytics opens up interfaces and allows access for the deployment of services regardless of their ecosystems. This sets a new narrative for CSPs by discovering new strategies that can now be implemented beyond the predefined 3GPP, broadening the scope of analytics solutions.

Holistic Consumer Understanding with Network Analytics

Network Analytics isn’t limited to customer analytics. Implementing this solution provides businesses to get deeper into their customer pool, allowing them to take the action. In a highly competitive market using these data can become crucial. Tools like Network Analytics provide a high competitive advantage in a saturated market providing a full understanding of the market and driving key insights for strategic planning. This solution automates VIP monitoring to suggest the Best Action and has Proactive Churn Identification. Combining ML and Big data Analytics, consumer churns can be predicted effectively. Network Analytics targets proactive consumer retention while preventing their turnover to help companies comprehend the risks associated with this occurrence.

Call center management:

Network Analytics automates call center data identification. In a case where a consumer is repeatedly called, this solution can discover underlying patterns and direct calls automatically to reduce time and utilize resources efficiently. An integrated tool like this can include CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), RoI, and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Predictive customer experience:

The rise of data with AI and ML is resulting in consumer demand for a better-personalized experience. Predictive analytics can enhance CX (Customer Experience Management) via multiple points for companies to deliver solutions in an enhanced way. Network Analytics helps you create personalized content, products, and services with a completely automated system.

Sentiment analysis:

Sentiment analytics will allow companies to predict and understand the tone of the user’s language. Through Network Analytics, CSPs can strategize on the underlying reasons and emotions of the users to take corrective actions on them. Machine learning and Natural language Processing allow the CSPs to extract and categorize the market for targeted marketing.

Preemptive analysis:

Network Analytics uses preemptive analysis to automate fault detection and localization of network problems. It leads to efficient utilization of resources and on-time detection of faults using data analytics with AI and ML tools. CSPs can now take action on time to maintain a high-quality customer experience.

Network Analytics is Worth the Investment

Network Analytics enables a co-existing ecosystem between different chains of the business. Creating with customers and partners along with open APIs can share insights from the network to create a unique selling proposition. Predictive mobility for Telecom operators generating revenue. Network Analytics is creating and providing insights to external devices through their architecture to expose new use cases using AI.  6D Technologies’ Magik is an all-inclusive CVM platform that allows companies to engage consumers with loyalty, rewards, gamification, and other AI techniques. Securing data from all sources, Magik organizes, ingests, and analyzes to understand the underlying patterns to provide CSPs with the best course of action to target the niche market.

Our future networks guide on a road of automated systems which will create ways to adapt to unexpected changes and help reduce errors. Unifying 5G and Network Analytics can have many significant effects on network architecture. While the impact of this solution might not be evident in everyday business, combining Network Analytics with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence greases the wheel for a digital tomorrow.