Optimize Your Sales and Distribution Strategy with Field Workforce Automation

Optimize Your Sales and Distribution Strategy with field sales and distribution platform

In today’s fast-paced and digital world, digitalization is crucial for telecom companies. Telecom companies are looking at optimizing their field sales operations, for which a telecom sales and distribution platform is crucial. With a field sales and distribution platform, businesses in the telecommunications industry can overcome challenges in field sales operations such as a  lack of insights and visibility into a specific region’s performance, the activity of a distributor, or keeping track of the activities of the team.

The Need for Field Service Management Solution

A field service management solution vastly improves the effectiveness and performance of field service employees by providing them with accurate information, allowing them to contact their operations centers for immediate assistance, automating common administrative tasks, and providing many other benefits.

An FSM provides transparency to the consumer. These solutions include scheduling, work order management, dispatch management, inventory management, etc. It not only covers field service but also field workforce management, which includes field sales, distribution, and service.

A field workforce management solution provides several advantages including:

  • Increased efficiency and security
  • Improved visibility
  • Workforce analytics
  • Time-saving and
  • Cost-effectiveness

As per the reports of Aberdeen, annual customer experience can be improved by up to 18% with workforce optimization. The market size of workforce management is projected to reach up to 9391 million USD by 2027.

The FSM (Field Service Management) software assists companies in managing all resources associated with FSM tasks. It can aid managers and personnel in several responsibilities such as:

  • Processing of job orders
  • Tracking of service and repair jobs
  • Automation of scheduling and dispatch
  • Management of customer contractual arrangements
  • Recovery of payment

Importance of FSM for Telcos and CSPs

Field sales and distribution platforms offer a lot of benefits for telcos and CSPs. These include:

  • Increased uptime
  • Reduced mean service time and increased first-time fix rates
  • Lowered cost of field services
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Secure cloud data
  • Faster invoicing
  • Work automation
  • Remote assistance and mobile capabilities for field service technicians

Sales and Distribution Optimization Strategies with Field Service Management Solution

Here are the various strategies to optimize field sales and distribution.

Territory mapping and assignment

Without clearly defined territories, sales representatives on a team will work in the same locations or lose out on key leads. It is the sales manager’s responsibility to allocate the territory. Proper mapping and territory assignment will help the entire team stay focused and perform more effectively. A field sales and distribution platform can help managers to map out specific areas for sales personnel based on street, pin code, city, etc.

Know your customers

An effective way to optimize field sales and distribution is to know customers better than themselves. The marketing manager must be aware of the challenges that a customer is facing on a day-to-day basis, including goals, hindrances, fears, and, most importantly, pain points. Having a complete customer persona will help provide better and more effective solutions by touching on those pain points and demonstrating how you can make a difference.

Smarter prospecting

In the telecom industry, prospecting is the job that most field representatives struggle with. For better prospecting to boost sales, it is important to find the right telecom sales and distribution platform that help field representatives to find areas where better leads can be found.

Be prepared to face objections

The sales reps must know about the common objections they can face from customers and know exactly how to respond when that particular objection comes up. Each client has their own reason or way of thinking, and it is essential for the sales reps to identify the underlying source of the objection before responding.

Performance tracking

A telecom sales and distribution platform allow managers to monitor the performance of sales representatives and be notified in real-time about how each one is performing.

Future Predictions for FSM Platform

Technology is advancing with each passing day. By having a field sales and distribution platform that leverages the latest tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, AI-powered chatbots, and other latest technology trends, telecom businesses can achieve the following:

  • Establish a powerful brand
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement
  • Boost sales
  • Improve your understanding of consumer demands
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Measuring the outcome of activities

Running a business in the telecommunications industry is not easy. Choosing the right telecom sales and distribution platform along with a field service management solution is crucial for businesses.It helps sales personnel be prepared to deal with a growing range of challenges and unconventional competitors. It will help sales executives improve their sales technique in order to present themselves as business partners to their clients and acquire their buy-in.

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