A Unified 360-degree IoT
and M2M Platform

Empowering Enterprises with Complete Control over Data and Devices

Infinity – An Integrated IoT and M2M Connectivity Management Platform

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of IoT and unlock its full potential? 

Experience a seamless connectivity management platform that allows you to effortlessly control your SIM cards,
data, and devices in real-time. Explore ‘Infinity’, an intelligent IoT and M2M platform designed
specifically for telecom – a game-changer that will propel your business forward.
Unlock the full potential of IoT and Connectivity Management while delivering exceptional services
to your customers seamlessly.

Case Study

IoT M2M Connectivity Management Platform

Accelerating Connectivity with IoT-M2M Connectivity Management Platform for a Leading Telecom Operator in APAC

Create a Digital Ecosystem to Generate New Revenue Streams with Infinity


A unified IoT and M2M Connectivity Management Platform for CSPs and Enterprises


Microservices based architecture with comprehensive modules to fulfil capacity demand


Seamless migration of existing devices and customers


Streamlined operations from Enterprise onboarding to end user billing/invoicing


Easy Integration with existing BSS modules like CRM, ERP, Payment gateway, and more


Real-time data for effective monitoring of devices

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Infinity - IoT and M2M Connectivity Management Platform

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