Automated Chargeback Management

Streamlined Dispute Resolution for Financial Efficiency with
Chargeback Automation

Efficiency and effectiveness converge with our Chargeback Automation, streamlining the management and response to credit card transaction disputes. This solution empowers merchants, payment processors, and financial institutions to swiftly and efficiently handle transaction complaints. It’s particularly advantageous for high-volume businesses seeking to optimize their chargeback management operations.

Automated Chargeback Management Features

Data Integration

Chargeback Automation solutions seamlessly integrate with payment gateways, processing systems, and other data sources to access transaction data and customer information. This integration extends to accounting or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, providing a comprehensive overview of customer interactions and financial data.

Chargeback Analysis

These solutions automate the analysis of chargeback claims by comparing transaction data with the cardholder’s justifications. This process helps assess the legitimacy of chargeback requests efficiently, saving time and resources.

Customizable Rules and Workflows

Chargeback Automation systems offer customizable rules and workflows, allowing businesses to tailor dispute management processes to their specific needs. This adaptability ensures that the solution aligns with a merchant’s unique business requirements.

Evidence Collection and Management

These solutions provide tools for the systematic organization, storage, and retrieval of evidence, such as order confirmations, shipping records, and customer communications. This organized approach simplifies the evidence submission process during dispute resolution.

Notification and Alerts

 Automated Chargeback systems generate alerts and notifications to inform users about the arrival of new chargebacks or the need for specific actions. These notifications ensure that businesses stay informed and can respond promptly to pending chargeback cases.

Mobile Accessibility

Many Chargeback Automation solutions offer dedicated mobile apps or user-friendly mobile interfaces, enabling users to manage chargebacks conveniently from anywhere. This mobile accessibility enhances flexibility and responsiveness in handling chargeback-related tasks on the go.

Automated Chargeback Benefits

Enhanced Fraud Detection and Prevention

Improved User Experience

Automated Chargeback systems from 6D offer robust fraud detection mechanisms, enabling banks to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions proactively. This helps minimize the financial impact of fraud on the bank's customers.

Efficient Dispute Resolution

Security and Access Control

Automated Chargeback technology streamlines the dispute resolution process, reducing the time and resources required to investigate and resolve disputes. This efficiency leads to quicker resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Effective Information Retrieval

Banks can achieve significant cost savings by automating chargeback processes. This includes reducing operational expenses associated with manual dispute resolution, paperwork, and data entry. Over time, these savings add up and contribute to better financial efficiency.


Cost savings

Automated Chargeback offers customization options, allowing users to tailor dispute management procedures to align with their organization's specific policies and requirements. This flexibility ensures a more adaptable and user-friendly system.

Communication Streamlining

Real-time Analytics

Chargeback Automation streamlines communication between the bank, merchants, and cardholders. It ensures that all parties involved have access to consistent and up-to-date information during the conflict resolution process, leading to smoother interactions and quicker resolutions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Real-time Analytics

By automating chargeback processes, banks can offer their customers a more efficient and hassle-free experience when resolving transaction disputes. This contributes to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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