Digital Banking

Digital banking and payment management represents the future of banking, embracing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize financial services. It covers a wide spectrum of activities, from managing accounts to conducting transactions, all through digital platforms like mobile apps and websites. With features such as mobile payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and advanced financial management tools, it offers individualized customer experiences, making banking more convenient than ever.


Digital Banking empowers banks, fintech and CSPs to enhance customer value and seamlessly transition into the digital era, prioritizing hyper-personalization. Whether it’s mobile banking, omnichannel banking, or multi-channel banking, Digital banking and payment management ensures an enriched customer engagement experience, setting the standard for the future of financial services.

Digital Banking Features

Data Integration

 The solution can integrate with payment gateways or processing systems to have access to transaction data and customer information. It can be integrated with accounting or customer relationship management (CRM) systems to offer a comprehensive view of client interactions and financial information.

Analyzing chargebacks

The solution assists in automated analysis of chargeback claims to assess their legitimacy by matching transaction data with the justifications offered by the cardholder.

Customizable Rules and Workflows

The solution has the ability to modify rules and workflows to fit a merchant’s unique business needs.

Evidence Collection and Management

Solution provides tools for organizing, storing, and retrieving evidence such as order confirmations, shipping records, and customer communication.


Notification and Alerts

Automated alerts and notifications to let users know when new chargebacks are received or when particular actions are necessary.

Mobile Accessibility

Dedicated mobile apps or user-friendly mobile interfaces that allow users to manage chargebacks on the go.


Digital Banking Benefits

Improved Fraud Detection and Prevention

Improved Fraud Detection and Prevention

The robust fraud detection methods of 6D's Automated Chargeback systems can assist banks in identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions at an early stage. This lessens the financial toll that fraud has on the bank's clients as well.

Efficient Dispute Resolution

Efficient Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution procedure is streamlined by 6D's Automated Chargeback technology. Consequently, the time and resources required to look into and resolve disagreements are reduced.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Banks can cut operational expenses related to manual dispute resolution, paperwork, and data entry by using automated chargeback solutions. Long-term cost savings are the result of this.



6D's Automated Chargeback Solution provides customization possibilities, allowing users to adjust dispute management procedures to conform to their organization's unique policies and requirements.

Communication Streamlining

Communication Streamlining

Streamlined communication between the bank, merchants, and cardholders is made possible through 6D’s Automated chargeback Solution. Solution also makes sure that during the conflict settlement process, all parties are on the same page.

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Digital Financial Services

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