Monetize OpEx and CapEx with a Unified VAS Platform for
Value Added Services and Network Solutions

VAS Consolidation | #1 Unified Value Added Services Platform

A Unified VAS Platform and Network Solution is the cornerstone of cutting-edge telecom infrastructure, seamlessly amalgamating diverse applications into a single, fully optimized stack. By facilitating integrations into CSPs’ core network and IT applications, it orchestrates real-time traffic management, agile charging, efficient billing, streamlined customer care, comprehensive reporting, and effective operations management.

This powerful amalgamation of services creates a robust framework that not only maximizes resource utilization but also fosters a dynamic operational environment where every facet of telecom operations is seamlessly integrated and harmonized for optimal performance and efficiency.

This VAS consolidation platform revolutionizes the way CSPs undertake service innovation, providing a gateway for unparalleled service agility and transformative customer experiences. By leveraging a Service Creation Environment (SCE) and a suite of secure and standards-based processes and functions, it empowers CSPs to unleash the true potential of their network resources.

This transformative solution acts as a catalyst for unlocking new revenue streams, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering sustained growth in an increasingly dynamic and competitive telecom landscape.

Streamline, Connect, Communicate with Unified VAS Consolidation and Network Solutions

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Unified VAS Consolidation Key Modules

Network Solution
SMS Firewall
Signaling Firewall

SMSC, or Short Message Service Center, is a crucial component of the mobile network. It manages the storage, routing, and delivery of SMS messages, ensuring seamless communication for mobile users worldwide.

Network solutions encompass a wide range of technologies and strategies to optimize and manage telecommunication networks. These solutions are designed to enhance network performance, security, scalability, and reliability, providing a seamless experience for users and businesses alike.

SMS Firewall provides real-time threat detection and blocking capabilities. CSPs can gain granular control over message filtering and policy enforcement which allows you to customize rules, block specific keywords, and manage sender reputation to maintain a secure messaging environment.

Signaling Firewall enables CSPs to secure your network against signaling-based threats with our advanced Signaling Firewall solution which can also detect and block unauthorized signaling messages to prevent network disruptions and vulnerabilities. VAS consolidation platform protects CSPs against signaling fraud, such as SIM cloning and SS7 attacks, with real-time monitoring and intelligent traffic analysis.

SMS Gateway
Bulk Messaging (Lite ECP)
USSD Gateway

Seamlessly integrate SMS Gateway into applications, systems, or platforms through robust APIs and easy-to-use interfaces enabling seamless messaging delivery and optimal user experience. Simplify SMS communications with our scalable and reliable SMS Gateway solution by leveraging advanced routing algorithms and intelligent message prioritization to ensure timely and efficient SMS delivery.

Seamlessly integrate CSPs existing systems or applications through user-friendly interfaces and APIs which enables hassle-free campaign management and message scheduling. Leverage personalized message templates, dynamic content, and recipient segmentation to enhance engagement and improve campaign effectiveness by delivering relevant messages to the right audience at the right time with VAS consolidation platform.

Provide a seamless messaging experience for your customers, allowing them to engage with your business through web-based chat windows or messaging widgets on your website. CSPs can leverage automation and chatbot integration to handle common inquiries and improve response times with our WSMS solution ensures efficient customer service and increased customer satisfaction. Enable web-based messaging for customer support, notifications, and interactive communication through a user-friendly interface.

Engage customers with menu-driven USSD sessions, allowing them to access a range of services, such as balance inquiries, bill payments, and service activations, directly from their mobile devices. Leverage USSD to reach a broader audience to seamlessly integrate our USSD Gateway into your existing systems and platforms using standard protocols and APIs.

Content Delivery Platform

CSPs can empower service providers to create and deploy a wide range of value-added services, such as content subscriptions, mobile apps, and entertainment services, with ease and flexibility. Seamlessly integrate our SDP and SM solution with existing systems and networks through standard APIs and protocols to ensure smooth service delivery and seamless customer experiences.

CRBT enables CSPs to elevate your caller experience with Caller Ringback Tone (CRBT) solution and replace the traditional ringback tone with personalized music, advertisements, or promotional messages. This increases customer engagement, brand awareness and generates additional revenue streams through targeted advertising and promotional partnerships with brands and advertisers.

Implement robust security measures, such as device encryption, remote wipe, and application blacklisting, to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. Remotely configures, monitors, and manages devices, including smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices, from a single management interface. Simplify device provisioning, policy enforcement, and application distribution.

Improve call completion rates and customer experiences with our Call Completion solutions, including Missed Call Alert (MCA), Beep Me, and Voicemail services. CSPs can leverage comprehensive reporting and analytics features to gain insights into call completion rates, call patterns, and customer preferences to optimize your call completion services for better customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Single IVR
Call Completion (MCA, Beep Me, Voicemail)

Enhance your mobile messaging and web services with our comprehensive solutions. Our Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) facilitates seamless multimedia message exchange, enabling the transmission of images, videos, and audio files. Our VAS consolidation platform provides insights into browsing behavior and content consumption, optimizing your mobile web services based on user preferences. Supporting protocols like WAP, HTTP, and XML, our solutions ensure standardized and efficient mobile browsing experiences.


Strengthen  network security with Equipment Identity Register (EIR) solution and detects and blocks unauthorized or stolen devices from accessing your network. CSPs can manage device whitelisting, blacklisting, and grey listing to control network access based on device identification and status.

LYNX Overview

Empowering Connections, Simplifying Communications: Unified VAS Consolidation and Messaging Solution.

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