Call Completion Suite

Seamless Call Completion suite for Enhanced
Telecommunication Experiences

The Call Completion suite within the VAS Consolidation Platform is designed to recapture missed revenue opportunities resulting from incomplete calls on telecom networks, caused by factors like unavailable called parties or insufficient caller funds. The Voice Mail System enhances call completion across both fixed and mobile networks, effectively managing rising network traffic. Missed Call Alerts service introduces an innovative solution for informing telephone users about missed calls, motivating them to return these calls at their convenience. The Beep Me (Beep Call) platform caters to subscribers with low or no balance (Party A) by automatically notifying the called party (Party B) about attempted calls.


Voice Messaging Management

The Call Completion suite offers comprehensive voice messaging capabilities, allowing users to send, retrieve, and manage voice messages efficiently. It enhances call completion and communication flexibility.

Mailbox Customization

Users can personalize their voice mailboxes, including greetings and numbering, making the service more user-friendly and aligned with individual preferences.


Advanced Message Delivery

Call Completion suite supports advanced mail delivery options, ensuring that messages reach recipients promptly, enhancing communication efficiency.


Missed Call and MCA Services

The suite includes features like Missed Call Alerts and Mobile Call Assistant (MCA), which encourage call completion and customer engagement, ultimately driving revenue.


Advertisement Integration

It offers support for inserting advertisements into voice services, opening up monetization opportunities and enhancing service value.


Notification and Service Provisioning

The Call Completion suite seamless service provisioning, opt-in/opt-out options, subscriber number filtering, and notification management, offering a versatile solution for telecom operators.


Network-Agnostic Integration

Network-Agnostic Integration

Call Completion suite offers a network-agnostic gateway, abstracting network protocols for message submission and delivery. This ensures compatibility and smooth operation across diverse network environments.

Seamless Multi-Vendor Integration

Seamless Multi-Vendor Integration

The platform seamlessly integrates with the operator's existing multi-vendor and multi-network nodes, aligning with specific business requirements. This facilitates efficient communication and interoperability

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation

The Call Completion suite enhances revenue generation by enabling call-back services. This results in the creation of new revenue streams, especially through mobile ad support, ultimately boosting the operator's income.

Multi-Channel Support

Multi-Channel Support

It provides multi-channel support for service provisioning and personalized notifications. This versatility allows operators to reach their customers through various communication channels effectively.

Missed Call Alerts and Call Fulfillment

Missed Call Alerts and Call Fulfillment

Customers can send missed call alerts or SMS to the terminating party, enhancing communication. Additionally, the system generates detailed reports, offering valuable statistics and insights for informed decision-making. Call Completion suite ensures call fulfillment even for customers with insufficient balance. This feature helps maintain customer satisfaction and connectivity.

Seamless Core Element Integration

Seamless Core Element Integration

It seamlessly integrates with the operator's core elements, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the telecommunication network. The system is highly scalable and reliable, ensuring robust operations even in demanding scenarios.

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