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Securing Mobile Networks: Equipment Identity Register
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The Equipment Identity Register(EIR) serves as a crucial component within mobile networks, offering enhanced security and control over mobile devices. It categorizes mobiles into Black, Grey, White, and “Unknown” based on their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This classification enables thorough checks when mobiles interact with the network, helping identify potentially problematic devices. The Equipment Identity Register plays a pivotal role in denying services to unauthorized or problematic equipment, ensuring network integrity and security. It acts as a robust tool to track and manage mobile equipment efficiently, contributing to a safer and more reliable mobile network ecosystem.


IMEI Storage

The Equipment Identity Register serves as a repository for IMEI numbers, unique identifiers associated with mobile devices. Each IMEI corresponds to a specific mobile device, allowing for precise tracking and management.

List Management

Equipment Identity Register systems efficiently manage three distinct lists. The White List contains IMEI numbers of legitimate and authorized devices, ensuring their seamless network access. The Grey List includes IMEIs that warrant closer scrutiny or monitoring. The Black List compiles IMEI numbers of stolen, lost, or unauthorized devices, preventing their usage on the network.


Central Equipment Identity Register solutions offer robust support for MAP_CHECK_IMEI, a critical functionality that enhances IMEI validation and verification processes. This feature contributes to the security and integrity of the mobile network.

IMEIs Management

Central Equipment Identity Register systems provide comprehensive IMEI management capabilities, enabling the efficient handling of these unique identifiers. This includes tracking, verification, and control over the status and usage of mobile devices.

Equipment Data Register

Central Equipment Identity Register solutions incorporate an Equipment Data Register, which serves as a centralized hub for storing essential data related to mobile devices. This register streamlines device management and ensures accurate records.

Invalid TAC Detection

EIR systems are equipped with advanced algorithms for detecting invalid Type Allocation Code (TAC) associated with IMEIs. This capability enhances fraud prevention and security within the mobile network ecosystem.


Integration with Centralized EIR System

Integration with Centralized EIR System

Equipment Identity Register systems offer seamless integration with centralized databases, ensuring comprehensive management of mobile device identities. This integration enhances efficiency and control over device authentication and tracking.

Combatting Cloned and Fake IMEIs

Combatting Cloned and Fake IMEIs

Equipment Identity Register databases maintain a vigilant watch over cloned and counterfeit IMEIs, effectively preventing their use by customers. This action bolsters security and safeguards network integrity.

Database Management

Database Management

Equipment Identity Register systems diligently store records of stolen, unauthorized, and defective mobile equipment, bolstering security measures. This database management ensures swift identification and necessary actions, contributing to national safety and security.

Identifying Fake IMEIs

Identifying Fake IMEIs

Equipment Identity Register systems play a crucial role in detecting counterfeit IMEIs, facilitating corrective actions. This capability not only enhances security but also upholds national safety standards.

Remote Device Control

Remote Device Control

Equipment Identity Register systems empower network operators with the ability to remotely block or unblock devices, enhancing overall security and control. This feature provides a robust defense against unauthorized device usage.

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration

Central Equipment Identity Register solutions come equipped with inbuilt Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities for effortless report generation. This functionality aids in decision-making processes and ensures data-driven insights.




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