MMSC & WAP Gateway

Connecting the Digital World with
Multimedia Messaging Service Center and WAP gatewaySolutions

The Multimedia Messaging Service Center Gateway solution is a comprehensive platform designed to empower fixed and mobile operators with cutting-edge multimedia messaging capabilities. MMSC integrated system encompasses every facet of multimedia message storage, content adaptation, secure delivery, and seamless integration with operational and management services. Operators can leverage this solution’s flexibility to provide multimedia services to their subscriber base, introducing features such as MMS blogging and enticing promotions through multimedia messages. The WAP gateway serves as a versatile, multi-protocol network node suitable for deployment in both fixed and mobile environments. It plays a pivotal role as a bridge between legacy WML-supporting devices, facilitating their requests, and HTTP-based (x)HTML serving applications on the internet. Together, these components enable operators to offer advanced multimedia messaging services while ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.


Rich Media Sharing

Multimedia Messaging Service Center Gateway solutions facilitate the effortless sharing of diverse rich media content, including photos, videos, audio clips, and slideshows. This empowers users to creatively express themselves and share their experiences with others, enhancing communication.

Mobile Web Access

WAP gateway grants mobile devices access to web content, enabling users to effortlessly browse websites, retrieve valuable information, and conduct online transactions directly from their phones. This feature extends the convenience of the internet to the palm of the user’s hand.

Enhanced Message Security

Multimedia Messaging Service Center solutions provide the capability to activate encryption for multimedia messages, bolstering the security of sensitive multimedia content shared between users. This ensures that messages are transmitted and received securely.

Message Prioritization

MMSC systems support multimedia message prioritization, allowing messages to be delivered even when the recipient’s device is temporarily unreachable. This feature ensures that critical messages reach their intended recipients promptly.

Seamless Integration

Multimedia Messaging Service Center Gateway solutions offer seamless integration with existing platforms, enabling operators to incorporate these functionalities into their current infrastructure without disruption.

Content Adaptation and Scalability

MMSC platform offer content adaptation, compression, and transcoding capabilities based on various parameters like URLs, IP sources, content types, and sizes. This ensures optimal content delivery to diverse device terminals while maintaining scalability and reliability. Additionally, they guarantee the highest levels of security and availability, safeguarding user data and services.


Integration with Centralized EIR System

Integration with Centralized EIR System

Equipment Identity Register systems offer seamless integration with centralized databases, ensuring comprehensive management of mobile device identities. This integration enhances efficiency and control over device authentication and tracking.

Combatting Cloned and Fake IMEIs

Combatting Cloned and Fake IMEIs

Equipment Identity Register databases maintain a vigilant watch over cloned and counterfeit IMEIs, effectively preventing their use by customers. This action bolsters security and safeguards network integrity.

Database Management

Database Management

Equipment Identity Register systems diligently store records of stolen, unauthorized, and defective mobile equipment, bolstering security measures. This database management ensures swift identification and necessary actions, contributing to national safety and security.

Identifying Fake IMEIs

Identifying Fake IMEIs

Equipment Identity Register systems play a crucial role in detecting counterfeit IMEIs, facilitating corrective actions. This capability not only enhances security but also upholds national safety standards.

Remote Device Control

Remote Device Control

Equipment Identity Register systems empower network operators with the ability to remotely block or unblock devices, enhancing overall security and control. This feature provides a robust defense against unauthorized device usage.

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration

Business Intelligence (BI) Integration

Central Equipment Identity Register solutions come equipped with inbuilt Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities for effortless report generation. This functionality aids in decision-making processes and ensures data-driven insights.




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