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A Digital Financial Services Suite represents a holistic range of offerings meticulously crafted to harness the power of AI-driven advanced analytics, opening up a myriad of fresh revenue prospects for Telecom Operators, Financial Institutions, Banks, Merchants, and Enterprises. This comprehensive suite not only caters to the evolving financial needs of consumers but also catalyzes the digitization of payments and banking services. Such DFS services include services such as mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile money transfers. With a strong emphasis on accessibility and convenience, telecom digital financial platforms empower customers to seamlessly conduct transactions and manage their finances in a secure, efficient, and user-friendly manner, irrespective of their location or time zone.

With its AI-driven capabilities, the suite not only ensures efficient financial management but also facilitates informed decision-making for businesses, thereby fostering sustainable growth and development. Through its versatile portfolio of financial services, it continues to redefine the way transactions are conducted, setting new standards for reliability, security, and customer-centricity in the realm of modern finance.

Ignite Financial Inclusion with Digital Financial Services

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180+ Mn

Subscriber Base

5+ Bn

Annual Transaction Volume


Cloud Deployments


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Digital Financial Suite Key Modules

Digital Banking
Agency Banking
Mobile Wallet
Merchant Management

Simplify Digital Financial Services with the mobile wallet solution and enjoy the convenience of making payments, transferring funds, and managing finances from your smartphone.

Expand Financial Services reach with agency banking solutions and empower agents to offer banking services in remote areas, extending financial inclusion to underserved communities with Agency Banking Solution.

Telecom financial solutions like Aureus provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities so CSPs can make informed decisions and optimize their merchant network for maximum profitability.

Transform your banking experience with AI-powered Conversational Banking for convenient and secured banking services anytime, anywhere, from your preferred devices.

CSPs can now access a wide range of mobile operators and prepaid services through our e-top-up platform. This telecom digital financial platform E-top up easily selects the desired denomination and completes the recharge in a few simple steps.

Streamline voucher distribution and redemption processes with an efficient voucher management system to effectively create, track, and validate vouchers for various promotional campaigns.

Streamline the dispute resolution process, enabling you to efficiently handle and resolve chargeback claims with this telecom digital financial platform.

Businesses can now offer a seamless shopping experience to customers using a telecom digital financial platform with the user-friendly digital portal platform or an e-commerce marketplace interface by enabling search, filter, and compare options for effortless product discovery.


Monetize new opportunities to identify and capitalize on revenue generating prospects with agile product innovation

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    Digital Financial Services

    Aureus, a complete Digital Banking and Payments suite unlocks new revenue opportunities for telecom operators, financial institutions, banks to empower their customers.

    In today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry, Communication Service Providers (CSPs)e.