Signaling Firewall

Shielding Networks and Securing Signals
with Signaling Firewall Solution

Signaling firewall solution is a robust solution engineered to safeguard mobile networks from spam, fraudulent activities, and unauthorized messages. This carrier-grade filtering system empowers mobile operators to shield their networks, whether from foreign or home networks, even handling roaming or off-net traffic. By integrating with different nodes via SIGTRAN and Diameter protocols, it effectively intercepts messages. The Signaling Firewall Solution offers invaluable network visibility, deep insights into signaling traffic, and robust security mechanisms. It acts as a barrier, preventing security breaches and the unauthorized delivery of messages. Furthermore, it equips operators with the ability to identify and block spam messages, ensuring the integrity and security of their mobile networks.


Unified Protocol Control

Signaling firewall solution offer unified control over both SIGTRAN and Diameter protocols, making them highly versatile for fraud prevention across 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks. This consolidation of control contributes to a more efficient and streamlined network security strategy.

Comprehensive Fraud Protection

Employing a 4-tiered approach, these firewalls cover all aspects of fraud prevention. This includes Message Screening, providing contextual insights, leveraging machine learning-based analysis, and generating detailed reports. This multifaceted approach ensures robust protection against various fraud tactics.

Seamless Network Integration

Signaling Firewalls are designed for easy integration with multiple network elements. They seamlessly work with ILD-STP, NLD-STP over SIGTRAN, and DRA over Diameter, allowing for efficient filtering of Off-net MT Traffic.

Configurable Filtering

These firewalls provide configurable filtering options, including Black and White-List configurations for SS7 (Global Title, Number Plan, OpCode) and Diameter (Host and Realm). This flexibility enables tailored fraud prevention strategies.

Effective Traffic Control

Signaling firewall solution excel in stopping unwanted traffic such as Spam, Spoofing, Flooding, and Faked messages. Their comprehensive filtering mechanisms ensure that only legitimate and authorized traffic is allowed through.

Intelligent Routing

Equipped with an Intelligent Routing Engine, these firewalls use various parameters like Global Title, SSN, and Diameter AVPs (such as Origin/Destination Realm, Host, IMSI) for precise and efficient traffic routing and control. This enhances network security and performance.


Advanced Attack Monitoring

Advanced Attack Monitoring

Signaling firewall solution offer advanced attack monitoring capabilities without causing significant disruptions to the network. They are strategically positioned within the network infrastructure to effectively detect and block both known and emerging attacks, ensuring the security of the Telco network.

Transparent Protection

Transparent Protection

These firewalls employ a fully transparent approach, seamlessly integrating into the Telco network to provide comprehensive protection. They can identify new types of attacks, prevent GSMA Category 1, 2, and 3 attacks, as well as low-layer attacks.

Intelligent Machine Learning

Intelligent Machine Learning

Signaling firewall solution utilize intelligent machine learning algorithms to uncover suspicious activities. This proactive approach to fraud prevention helps in the early detection of protocol anomalies, thwarting fraudsters and protecting against direct revenue loss.

Data Security

Data Security

Signaling Firewalls play a crucial role in securing subscriber data against malicious attacks that could disrupt key services. They prevent unauthorized queries for subscriber location data and deter subscriber impersonation, ensuring data billing integrity.

Denial of Service Protection

Denial of Service Protection

These firewalls are instrumental in safeguarding against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, ensuring that subscribers' access to critical services remains uninterrupted. They provide threat reporting capabilities, enabling rapid and accurate risk assessment.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Signaling firewall solution offer deep and actionable insights, allowing threat exploration across multiple attributes. Their combined SS7 and Diameter dashboards provide unique insights with the option to drill down into the full details of the original source packet. These firewalls can operate in various modes, including passive monitoring, active routing and blocking, or a combined mode, providing flexibility in addressing network security challenges.

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